10/04/2020 Fall Region Qualifier on Lake Okeechobee from Scott Driver Park, Okeechobee, FL

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Welcome to the Florida B.A.S.S. Nation Youtube Channel.
The Florida BASS Nation is a non-profit organization comprised of over 1,000 members truly dedicated to the future of bass fishing in our state. Through the efforts of our anglers, the Florida BASS Nation furnishes manpower, funds, and equipment for environmental and conservation projects such as water body cleanups and completing tournament creel census reports for the state’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Agency through our catch and release program. Our membership is dedicated to community involvement such as attendance at local events and introducing local youth to fishing. We are also politically active on matters that relate to fishing and will lobby with respect to proposed legislation. Because of the hard work and dedication of our members the future of fishing looks bright!

Aside from our recognized civic duty, the Florida BASS Nation is an affiliate of B.A.S.S. and offers its members (juniors, high school, college, and adults) annual opportunities for tournament fishing in the State of Florida. Through these tournaments, our anglers can qualify for the State Championship Tournaments and the chance to represent Florida at B.A.S.S. Regional and National Tournaments, and potentially the Bassmaster Classic.

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