10K Subscriber Giveaway! Chuck Pippin Bass Fishing

10K Subscriber Giveaway from Chuck Pippin Bass Fishing… That’s me… I’m giving away a massive prize if I can reach 10,000 YouTube Subscribers by 12/31/19. Who doesn’t like FREE STUFF?? Trophy Bass fishing in Florida is on a lot of angler’s bucket list. It can be an expensive trip… But, not if you win my “2019 10K Subscriber Bass Fishing Giveaway”!

It’s easy to win… If you’re already subscribed, all you need to do is:
1. Like this video
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3. Share this video

If you’re new to my channel…
1. Subscribe (You must be a subscriber to be eligible to win)
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What can you win??? If I reach 10,000 Subscribers by 12/31/19, one lucky winner will get…
1. Two full days (8 hours each day) Largemouth Bass fishing trip with me in Central Florida. Come by yourself, or bring a buddy. It’s up to you.
2. Two FREE nights in an Orlando area hotel. Not a dive motel. It’ll be a good one!
3. Two fishing rod & reel combos from 13 Fishing (spinning or baitcasting)… you pick!
4. A bunch of soft plastics from D.O.A. Lures
5. Free breakfast each morning

All you need to do is get yourself here! That’s it! 10,000 subscribers by 12/31/19. Subscribe to my channel… Like this video… Comment on this video… Share this video…. That’s over a $2,000 value for a few clicks on your phone, tablet, or computer!

FREE Stuff is awesome! Come get some.

Winners are NOT required to be 18 years old. If under 18, winner must be accompanied by an adult.

Follow me on Instagram for contest updates: https://www.instagram.com/cpbassguide

As always… Please Like, Comment, & Subscribe!

Chuck Pippin Jr.
Chuck Pippin Bass Fishing, Inc.

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43 Responses

  1. Only 8 hours a day!! Son I’ll sleep on the boat. So excited about the December giveaway. This Polk county Florida gal (Noni fishing Florida) will anxiously await. Until then we’ll keep on enjoying your videos. Dang howdy what a give away!!! All you other subscribers might as well step back. Mama wants this giveaway haha. Let’s help chuck get his 10 thousand subscribers not just for the giveaway but because he produces excellent entertainment and informative fishing content. Good luck. (To me and my son in law haha)

  2. That’s a awesome giveaway man def will be doing this! hopefully I can get my channel going to do giveaways like this👍

  3. Lunker012 says:

    Chuck, I have been a subscriber for a long time. I follow you regularly. It would be great to fish with you for two days.

  4. Greg Boyer says:

    Hey Chuck my buddy Perry and I fished with you 2 years ago and if I ever return, I wouldn't fish with any other guide service! I'm not blowing smoke nor trying to butter you up to win, you were a true sportsman and Exceptional guide. No nonsense, no arrogance and a great guide. Keep up the great work and service!

  5. ki4lrx says:

    Let's go fishing.

  6. Will Jones says:

    Love watching your videos!

  7. K Dennis says:

    So is the Conway chain included in this deal? LOL

  8. I am subscribing for the giveaway fishing trip.

  9. Would be nice to fish and learn some new stuff

  10. I’m game. Let’s catch fish

  11. Bill Lewis says:

    Chuck, your videos are the best. Especially the huge variety of flutes you use. Help me Make My Own Luck!

  12. Awesome give away! Thanks for doing this. Love all your videos as we fish Toho a lot, have learned a lot from you. Thanks!!!

  13. Joe getchius says:

    It was great watching your video. Would love to catch that 10 pound bass that your guest caught.

  14. Randy Rafnel says:

    The best of luck getting to 10000 I will help

  15. Evan Mooney says:

    Cant wait to go fishing!

  16. Dwayne Osmun says:

    Do you ever use the strait black CAL worm at all??

  17. mike waters says:

    Hey Chuck that sounds like a great deal I would love to win. I enjoy every video. Let’s get him 10000 YOUTUBERS.

  18. Here to be entered! Going to share this video link on my pintrest and twitter accounts!

  19. Brian Sergi says:

    Sounds like a great time.

  20. Eric Preston says:

    This guy put me and my buddy on fish for four hours . You were informative and helpful . And after talking with him during our trip , we found out we were among a movie star . (LOL) .

  21. Look at all these comments!!!!

  22. David Seppi says:

    Im  3 hours away  . been enjoying your vids . it will be fun.

  23. Les Johnson says:

    Let’s you to 10000

  24. Man what a giveaway what a great dude for real love the videos man thanks for all you do!

  25. im on California man im happy with a fishing rod way cheaper hahhaha good luck chuck you'll get the 10 k by the end watch

  26. Max McLain says:

    Great videos, with great information.

  27. bcamcam2 says:

    Can't wait to fish with you on Memorial day. Wanted to fish Florida my whole life. I grew up in south LA and fished the marshes, and always saw guys like Roland Martin catching huge bass over there. Since moving away from LA in 2001 I have not been in a good place for bass. BTW New Mexico kinda sucks for fishing!!!!

  28. Mike Hayes says:

    Great promo! Lookong forward to trip #2 in June. If you are in the Orlando area Chuck is the man!

  29. Can’t wait to bust some mouth with that new 13 fishing combo on Toho. I’m your winner!

  30. I don't see a problem with you getting 10000 subscribers. You have great information and your able to explain so that we can understand it. Good luck, Hope to fish with you one day!

  31. Steven Hayes says:

    10,000 subscribers!!!

  32. Pretty sweet deal dude. 🎣🎣🎣

  33. Rock Nemo says:

    Been with a long time, would be great getting out with you, good luck on your 10K!

  34. Great fishing YouTube channel and educational

  35. Brandon Dole says:

    On your way to 10K! Looking forward to seeing what is in store! Love your Videos!

  36. Chris Heeley says:

    Chuck, I'll share it with both of my friends! 🙂

  37. Jeff Geiger says:

    Bummed I couldn’t book my April trip with but thank you for the recommendation. I’ll be sure to plan ahead more the next time I’m in Florida

  38. Kendal Lacy says:

    Hi no to the channel. My brother and dad recommended.

  39. Todd Lacy says:

    Awesome give away Chuck! Even be awesomer if I win

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