11 Pound Bass! 5th Place In BASS Elite on St John’s River, Florida

This Sunline Recap shows John Crews catch his 11-2 and many other big bass en route to finish 5th in the 2019 BASS Elite Series event on the St John’s River near Palatka, Florida. Crews used Missile Baits 48 and D Stroyer to haul in most of his bass.


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8 Responses

  1. Your re-caps are the best. Lots of good info….Got to try the fuse on the neko. Thanks for the idea….

  2. Nelson Craig says:

    I love how you hear his emotions as he is fighting the 11 lber. All the way up until he boats it and has to bleep out his reaction lol. Way to go John. Great tournament

  3. WAEofFishing says:

    I'm a finesse guy …but i bet you would have paid money to have that fish on a flipping stick. Congrats homie.

  4. Dwayne says:

    good stuff John i thought you had it at first bud ,,,the ole legend RC

  5. Hay quick question why were you on your knees in the beginning of the video while those fish where on their beds?

  6. In your mouth son. 😂

  7. Sean Curtis says:

    Thanks for sharing, and that hat is fresh!

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