31 Pound bag of GIANT Florida Bass – Bass fishing in Florida

Watch me Catch a GIANT 31 pound bag of Florida Bass! I have been bass fishing in Florida for a few days now and we finally got a bag over 30 Pounds! Such an exciting accomplishment bass fishing in Florida or anywhere! These Giant Florida bass where so much fun to pull out from under some docks! I hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for Watching!

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6 Responses

  1. Florida,,, which I wanna go until I dead. lol

  2. Bro you slayed it ‼ 3 fish over 7😯💪🏿

  3. I'm subbed in from ig.. let's gooooooo. Nice video fam.. Big Florida fun👊🏿 check my channel out bro.

  4. 3F with GF says:

    nice big'uns, florida bass are pretty nice and big, and the laws are pretty ax compared to other states

  5. Logan says:

    wanna be friends?

  6. It’s going to suck when you come back to PA lol won’t catch 31 pounds in a week.

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