Bank Fishing for Bass in Alligator Infested Everglades Swamp

Largemouth Bass fishing in the Florida Everglades Big Cypress Swamp is an incredible experience. There really isn’y anything more exciting than catching a bass while alligators are just feet from you. In this video Jason and I push through all the trees, bushes and snake infested grass to fish the hottest canal in all of the South Florida Everglades. (charter information)


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17 Responses

  1. SJ Bontrager says:

    Nice to see you back Cpt. Shane. Took us back to old school. I kinda miss the old gheenoe days.

  2. ron torrisi says:

    I gotta book a couple days like this with you , would love to do this. which camera are you using I need to buy it.

  3. Aj Lynn says:

    Capt Shane ~ You're a Wild Man fishing around the Gators ~ Nicely Done

  4. Been awhile shane, omg this throws me back to when you were fishing with 50 gators around you, lmao! Captain Shane back?!

  5. I've been wondering whatever happened to you! This is my type of freshwater fishing. Exploring the wilderness while bank fishing and enjoying the wildlife.

  6. Frost HVAC says:

    This reminds me of your everglades video I first saw back in 2011. Man. It's been nearly a decade. Awesome video man.

  7. Great to see a new video from you! I'm missing FL badly. I came back to SC and zeroed twice!

  8. Captain Shane in the house! Cracking jokes too! Lol! Good to see you back on the Tube Shane! If you ever need someone to watch your back out there let me know!

  9. itumblers says:

    Finally!!!! My favorite YouTube fisherman!

  10. That's weird man I was randomly rewatching a bunch of your old videos the last few days and now you're back. Great to see!

  11. Karnage says:

    Dang Capt, it's been a while but days like that where the bass bites that trap, you just can't beat it! Great vid as always!

  12. David Gale says:

    Great video brother!! Didn't realize there were rock walls like that in the glades, I'm from Orlando and just never made it down that far…

  13. Proud2BWhite says:

    Jesus you lost alot of weight

  14. victor silva says:

    Happy to see you’re back love the videos

  15. Cade Hileman says:

    Ay, its been a while how ya been

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