Bass Eat Mice??? Fishing in Florida with a Mouse Lure

I fish the most unique pond I’ve ever come across in my 15 years of fishing. The bass in there school up and the only way I was able to consistently catch them was by sight-fishing. While running the banks, schools of 5-10 bass in the 3+ pound range would cruise the shoreline. Experimenting with a couple baits I typically don’t use up north, I manage to get onto a pretty good bite!

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Equipment Used:
-Spro BBZ-1 Rat 40 (brown)
-Sunline Sniper fluorocarbon (14 lbs)
-Shimano JDM Chronarch Ci4+
-Shimano Crucial 6’8″ med/fast

Scale Used: ReelSonar Digital Scale

-Gambler Big EZ (Melon Shad)
-Gamakatsu Weighted Superline Spring Hook 6/0
-Suffix 832 braid (30 lbs)
-Seaguar Tatsu fluorocarbon leader (20 lbs)
-Shimano Antares DC
-Kistler Magnesium TS 7’0″ MH/fast


Camera Gear:
Gopro Hero 4 silver
External audio
Chest Mount
Portable Tripod
Sony a5100

Editing Tools:
Final Cut Pro X


Location: Orlando, Florida
Date: 7/15/16
Primary Pattern: Sight fishing and finessing strikes
Time Fished: 6:30 am – 9:30 am
Air Temp: 82 degrees
Water Temp: 85 degrees
Water Clarity: 42 inches
Conditions: Sunny with winds from the SE up to 6 mph


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34 Responses

  1. I dont know if youd have time. But theres a small pond near my house in Colorado. Has 5lb bass and monster Koi and carp. Can catch 9 inch bluegill all day. You should check it out. Dennys lake Cortez, CO

  2. Ty Wilson says:

    do you have a sinker on there

  3. Robin Taylor says:

    Why did you freak out like that at the very beginning of video? Dude that was a total spazz move.

  4. Kerry Parks says:

    Upgrade your hooks

  5. Are you fishing on a golf course

  6. Psychic Cat says:

    I guess you can call this

    Click bait

  7. This, my friends, is why you learn and tie the fg knot. It's really not that hard once you learn. I have only broken one leader since I switched…and only because it was the third day an the same leader…seriously the fg knot y'all.

  8. it's like releasing cat fish

  9. never seen so many missed fish

  10. Its a spro 3 d diving rat .i have one in all chrome oh and they work so well .i always get big bass when intie this on .oh and large mouth bass have zero teeth they use a vacumm suction to grab good

  11. Frank Guerra says:

    Lol. That's why I tell my friend not to be next to me when I'm fishing….

  12. At first I thought you lost the rat lure and was about to cry, those bitches are 20 freaking dollars

  13. Landy82c says:

    There is no more places to eat in kuching. ?

  14. bob joe says:

    That thing on the fishes lip is a bad scar from a hook being set to hard and literally ripped out of the fishes mouth. Might be infected. Moral of story? Dont set hook so fkn hard. The fish you don't land you might have had you not ripped its face off with the hook set lOL nerd. Happy fishing

  15. Frogbjb says:

    9:43 did you just ASSUME that fishes Gender

  16. Urban Bass says:

    Damn your subs a hater tried to rob you of almost 2 lbs on your first bass

  17. Outdoor Kids says:

    I want to go pound fishing with you a challenge of MTV slam boxes

  18. Richard Ott says:

    Should have just used a worm. They were probably just hitting the tail

  19. Richard Ott says:

    Dude. Your a super spaz with your hook set sometimes lol!

  20. no one looses more fish than Mike.     i think he needs to learn how to set the hook better……he should get Peric to teach him how to fish………i will give him credit for catching and releasing though.       Good form

  21. Lots more craws in new york at least where I live in new york

  22. I lost a 10 pounder on that life smashed it when it hit the water!

  23. 5tonyvvvv says:


  24. bhcwombat says:

    1Rod1Reel are you Philippino?

  25. Martin King says:

    notorious for losing fish!

  26. Here in Kentucky they're pretty sharp too

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