BASS FISHING (Florida Golf Course Pond) Dec./Jan.

Here’s some bass fishing action from my most recent trip to the famous Florida golf course pond that has offered up quite a few good bass over the years…

Baits used:
Zoom “Baby Brush Hog” Texas Rigged
Zoom “Magnum” 8″ lizard Texas Rigged
Zoom “Ol’ Monster” 10.5″ worm Texas Rigged
Keitech “Swing Impact Fat” 5.8 on a 6/0 1/4 ounce Owner “Beast” swimbait hook.


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44 Responses

  1. Wil Dip says:

    hello. what tool did you have in this video to weigh the fish?

  2. love your videos man. great work. you explain things very well. just wanted to say that you might want to be careful putting so much pressure on their jaw when showing them to the cam and bending them outward. easy to dislocate jaw that way. great work though keep it up!

  3. Know of any good ponds in the UCF Orlando area?

  4. Cam Eadie says:

    I wanna go fishing with this guy… damn near a bite every cast lol great vid man!!! keep em coming.

  5. Cam Eadie says:

    I wanna go fishing with this guy… damn near a bite every cast lol great vid man!!! keep em coming

  6. Hec Rivz says:

    I live in orlando, you should come to Florida and fish again soon. The weather has been awesome.

  7. You gotta love So. Fla! There's a pond like that in every neighborhood!

  8. Curious what your video setup is? Nice vids and a new subscriber!

  9. My2ube says:

    Shoot, I use that size for bait!

  10. R. Guardia says:

    Nice video. How do you fish it without getting asked to leave by the management?

  11. Hi just moved to Jacksonville wondering if any one can tell me some good places for bass

  12. leo pena says:

    Oh man! I had watched your videos a way back and just found them again a few months back but this time I subbed.

  13. Alejandro says:

    Do you ever fish for butterfly peacock down here in Florida?

  14. Have you ever fished lake Okeechobee

  15. pulls out toad "not too shabby"

  16. We're is that in Florida and which golf course is it

  17. Matthew Best says:

    Man some nice fish golf courses are always the best me and my cousin both caught 7 pounders not casting 5 foot apart but in NC theres no chance of getting permission to fish so unless security is being kind you always get thrown out.

  18. What part of Florida r u from I'm coming tomorrow

  19. where at in Florida are you because this seems like the golf course near me

  20. What type of rig where you using?!

  21. Rick Martin says:

    I'm surrounded by ponds on a GC and can't catch thing…..(FL).

  22. Cool vids,…sub-4-sub? TY

  23. 305 Fishing says:

    I love them golf course the only bad thing is always getting kicked out

  24. Amost every cast u catch a fish!! u sir are a pro!! Keep up the good work!👌

  25. ashton leal says:

    Any tips On fishing These ponds with big swim baits? Just subscribed Great video

  26. You the man brother.. If you were in TN I have plenty of golf courses we can trespass fish… I am getting a summer schedule of traveling around and hitting all the golf course ponds at night.. A guess you can say it is just a personal mission… Do they let you fish that pond during the day with golfers around..? I noticed you look around every once in awhile , to see if anyone has noticed you yet…

  27. David Deck says:

    What kind of rod is that?

  28. lendog says:

    what golf course? or what city

  29. nqi87 says:

    Sorry one last question what bait casting reel do you use – I couldn't find it in the comments or description section

  30. nqi87 says:

    What is the test lbs of your fishing line? Your casting distance could reach the Florida keys

  31. can't go wrong with a st.Croix!

  32. Thats a cool video man ..Golf coarse ponds are the best stuff … we should trade subs !

  33. Catch and release is classy. For those that are prohibited from being on a golf course they should take note.

  34. Drew Le says:

    When you use braid with soft plastics, do you use a fluorocarbon leader? I couldn't tell in this video if you were or not

  35. what golf course is this cause I live in central florida

  36. Eli King says:

    No shoes I like it

  37. it looks familiar if it is because i fish there all the time it is where i caught this profile pic

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