Bass Fishing: How to fish a Plastic Worm with Scott Martin

Learn how to catch largemouth bass with a plastic worm. In this video Scott Martin gives us bass fishing tips and advice on

– The right way to fish a plastic worm
– What a plastic worm represents to a largemouth bass or any other bass
-What size weight and fishing line you need to properly fish your plastic worm
-Tips and Techniques on how to move your plastic worm with your fishing rod instead of your fishing reel.

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33 Responses

  1. Turbo Faggot says:

    Thanks 👍👍

  2. Wow just seeing this out of the box>>> I have yet to fish with this set up, but based on the first hands on appeal, I can tell this is going to change the way i pack and carry to a whole new level. If you fish like i do, you know the smaller and less stuff the better. I’ve added a photo of just some of my gear so you can see how serious i am about fishing.

  3. Just learning with my husband who is your biggest fan! Great tip for me as a newbie fishing with worms. Thank you

  4. hyankov says:

    By lifting the rod you don't lift the bait off the floor?

  5. What am I talking about… my dads favorite.. the helicopter lure from the 90s

  6. TxJonathan says:

    I do this with a Texas rig just like this video but I get a bunch of grass/moss whatever it is all over the hook

  7. Jerry Thomas says:

    Reminds me of a car salesman

  8. TheSodaThief says:

    anyone know how to catch a fish if your standing on the side of a river? Where should i throw the bait?

  9. Thanks Scott for all the great informative fishing videos you post it helps us weekend warriors,you should do a show like Bill Dance did he taught people alot about fishing.

  10. That works in the right water conditions but alot of times it dont its where the fish are in the water column some time swimming is the key for giant bass like the one im holding up.

  11. lLucky l says:

    I caught my first bass on a white rooster tail.

  12. May be a dumb question but can you do this with a regular worm?

  13. I tried this and I got snagged immediately

  14. Jimmie Glass says:

    great tip scott thank you

  15. matthew metz says:

    Hey bo you think you cant catch many fish, fishing a worm swimming through the water. YOU"RE AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fish down south, which is a lot harder than fishing northern lakes. I've caught more fish, with a worm swimming through the water, then most have period. My biggest, 10 lbs 8oz, on a zoom june bug colored trick worm, on lake murray, swimming through the fucking water!!!!!!!!!!


  16. McCasting says:

    Legit watched this video while fishing, casted out after it was over and fought a bass. Awesome video!!!

  17. Good morning mate!!!
    could you show the Back Slide assembly, including the baits indicated?

  18. Scott you and your family are truly legends of the sport keep up the great work

  19. I’ve been fishing for about 20 years and honestly never got lucky with plastic/rubber worms 😔 the last couple years my go to has been chatter bugs and spinners

  20. Jimmy Deedz says:

    Good tip thank you!!

  21. Avis Stone says:

    I tried this technic just last week and caught two bass within 10 minutes apart!! worked great!!

  22. America says:

    This changed my life, thank you.

  23. Rick Wilson says:

    Virtually every big bass I have caught has been taken on a plastic worm. I get lots of fish on swim baits and frogs but all of the biggest have been on worms. I fish in Rhode Island where it takes a long time for a fish to grow to 6 – 8 lbs. I also fish in very clear water with high visibility. Natural worms are great all year long, but you have to have patience and fish them very slowly. They often hit on the way down if flipped wacky rigged but Texas rigged and drop shot worms are constant producers.

  24. julio cruz says:

    Using this tip today!! Thanks Scott been watching your channel lately lots of great stuff!!

  25. Thanks for all the info Scott. Excellent job explaining, as usual.

  26. Gil says:

    For the past 2 months I have been watching videos about how to fish etc. Well I have only caught 2 bass(shore)vs my mother in-law 6 using this dragging technique that I would constantly be telling her that her line was going to get caught. I now see why I have been getting a beating. She had never fished before. This works

  27. Solid believer in the weightless worm 90% of the time. If needed I have some very minor weighted worm hooks.

    Some stuff likes to float, some likes to slowly sink (my favorite) and some lakes are just to deep to fish a weightless worm.

    We have a dam about 40 miles away. In the middle of no where. Talking northern part of North Dakota. No trees, no bushes, just relatively flat land with the occasional small valley.

    The dam is in the middle of no where can't see it from the highway can't even see the water but if you go down this random dirt road there is the dam (Black Tail).

    Water is 45 foot deep, virtually a drop off after 5 foot strait down. No current on the side I fish but that 70 degree angle. Almost impossible to get any top water bite.

    There is the occasional channel with 4-5 water and cattails…..

    Just fish it weightless and if you can't use the smallest possible weight you need to fall.

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