Bass Fishing Johns Lake | HOT Summer

We’re Bass fishing at Johns Lake in the HOT Florida summer. Fishing could’ve been better, but we still had a great time. I’m fishing with two of my oldest customers, Greg & Rocky. I first took them fishing over 19 years ago. Over the years, we’ve caught hundreds of Bass. We’ve had some great trips, and we’ve had some not so great trips. But, it’s always entertaining when I get the pleasure of fishing with these two.

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19 Responses

  1. Mike Murphy says:

    I’ll be fishing a local club tourney here tomorrow, same hot day expected for me as you. Johns lake has 30+ lb bags at times. Sometimes I hate Florida heat. Shuts them down too quick. Tight lines man. First time watcher. I’ll sub up for whatever surprise you got coming up. If you see a 16 ranger z518 intracoastal pull up to you one day. You’ll now know why. Lol. 9.5 feet in the big O is freaking low low. I fished last year at the 11foot mark and i totally broke my ulterra. Good news bad news. Rolands had the shaft put in that night so I could continue the tourney. Only had 1 first place finish there. Great Lake

  2. Chuck, I just can't get enough of your videos. Having Greg and Rocky continuing to come back to you as a guide speak volumes about who you are as a person.

  3. Candy Bass says:

    Just moved here to Orlando. Can you give me a few spots that have good bank or dock fishing please??

  4. Awesome, is there any certain time of year for a decent frog bite at Johns Lake?

  5. Tim Prall says:

    Love it! He fought so hard he lost two pounds before the boat!

  6. When's a good time to come down and fish with you?

  7. Hi great video do you remember me ?😉you took me on that fishing tour with my friend and my dad when we were fishing with shiners

  8. Tom Light says:

    Excellent video as always Chuck, nothing compares to a day on the water and friends. Great drone work on the intro !

  9. Great video. Thanks for the entertainment

  10. Another fun video Chuck, keep them coming.

  11. kehi66 says:

    Cool story about fishing big O. Take care and stay safe

  12. Nice video. Saw your truck at big toho at end of May.

  13. Great content. Just subbed

  14. Randy C says:

    I think I know what you’re talking about…

  15. Great video Chuck. Keep it up buddy.

    My father-in-law lives 10 mins from John's lake but I've never tried it. We live less than an hour from there so we may have to take our kids there one day soon.

  16. Let’s go chuck. Big fan.

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