Bass fishing on a local golf course near Katy, TX

Well, I rarely ever do freshwater fishing but I visited a local golf course with a friend to fish the pond. Ended up catching 5 small bass in under an hour. Had a great time. Nothing huge, but definitely worth fishing in the future. I hope you enjoy!


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17 Responses

  1. I love fishing it have a awesome time

  2. It's not salt water but you've gotta have fun somewhere

  3. Fishy Angler says:

    Not bad. Our lakes are freezing but not frozen yet…it sucks.

  4. Scott LeCroy says:

    Never ceases to amaze me at how easy you make it look.
    Great video Mike.

  5. MrJoecango says:

    I'm not much of a fresh water fisherman either but sometimes you just got to wet a hook brother, especially with all this wind, rain and low tides we have been having around here.

  6. Peeling Line says:

    Those birds can be a nuisance. In Austin I had a pigeon get so wrapped up in my line it was ridiculous. Got him free though.

  7. Love fishing for pond bass! There are some donkeys in there!!

  8. New sub!! Love your logo 👍🏻👍🏻

  9. got ya from live hope ya do same

  10. MIke, nice little spot you got there. Always fun to change up the game a little bit, hitting that sweetwater for some bass. Seemed like a calm peaceful day, caught some fish, good weather… some good old fashioned fun. That intro was spot on too…. Take care. Until next time, tight lines & good vibes.

  11. 1Cast 1Fish says:

    Golf course ponds are awesome to fish when you can…I got a few vids from a local course near me…tons of fish

  12. YourNextCast says:

    Nice spot. Looked like a couple of them were decent size. That's good fishing for just an hour. Way to go!!

  13. That was a productive outing, looked like a blast. Great spot.

  14. Looks like alot of fun ,few sites I'd like to hit myself man 🤘

  15. Awesome man nice largies in there 👊🏻👍🏻

  16. John Klopp says:

    Rippin lips 👍 Nice!

  17. very cool! thanks for sharing! 🐟🐟🤙

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