Bass Fishing with SALTWATER LURES (Southwest Florida)


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22 Responses

  1. "spanked it" – every white dad.

  2. great video man great edits, check me out

  3. Awesome video man!!!

  4. What area are you fishing Cape Canaveral?

  5. Jeff Murphy says:

    This channel is going to blow up …not too many people making solid saltwater videos out there in my are…thank you for keeping me entertained and i wish you luck

  6. Weird question but do you know Jake Ginsberg?

  7. BeanbagSAV says:

    Best lakes in Ft. Myers for public bass fishing are in Gateway under the hydro lines. I catch 5+ pounders in there all the time.

  8. I dont fish them anymore cause i go to USF now but they were good when i was down there

  9. hey got some good spots around fgcu if you need them went to school there freshman year

  10. I’ve got that lure too; haven’t used it either. Been sitting for over a year now.
    I’ll have to try it out in a pond sometime and see if I get a hookup with it 👍🎣

  11. otasuan89 says:

    On todays episode: Justins all about that bass, bout that bass, no tarpon.

  12. You should of tried a shrimp or a live target mullet but good vid nonetheless

  13. I love how you go out not knowing any spots or anything and you catch more bass thst youtubers that strictly do bass fisjing

  14. Dale Schuls says:

    Hmu man, let's go get some redfish and snook. I'm in the Cape coral, fort myers area.

  15. Felix Wintz says:

    Cool to see you’re in my area now. Did you bring your Gheenoe with you?

  16. JC Fishin says:

    Try trebles on your pencil

  17. Ayyyy my hometown 239

  18. Coach Clay says:

    Let’s fish Vero when you are back in that coast. #slamseason

  19. Cranked me ball buster

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