Bass Pro and Darcie Fish Lake Okeechobee, Florida with HOW TO tips

Best pre-spawn bass fishing video with how to tips! Darcie and Yoan skip soft plastics across lily pads and seeking pre-spawn bass just starting to bed. Darcie and bass pro Yoan Alvarez fish Lake Okeechobee, FL on a windy crisp morning and catch some nice bass, included in this video are great tips from charter captain and bass professional Yoan Alvarez.

Check out Capt. Yoan and book your bass adventure today:

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30 Responses

  1. Looking at doing a guided trip out on the north end of the lake. Anybody got any recommendations for a guide?

  2. SB9P4 says:

    Yesterday I was in that lake and a big smell fish in all place. well ,and why you don't cook your fish? Great! or you put back your fish to water? You look like a good person with fishs

  3. gerrixx says:

    dont‘t like the „catch and release policy“. fishing should be for eating the fish and not just catching them for fun.

  4. imagine having something much larger than you holding you in the air by your lower lip while you are suffocating

  5. Mckessa King says:

    Cold crisp morning and your in your shorts. Come to Canada and we'll show you a cold crisp morning.

  6. Gary Ritter says:

    Darcizzle, you are a bad as kick as fisher Woman.  Wish I could find somebody like you to marry . Wow

  7. you had to take off your clothes to show us the fish at the end wow! every thumbnail you have is degrading

  8. secondpg says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww isn't the water toxic there? I hope no one eats the fish they catch?!!

  9. this video should be called "guy with Miami accent" LOL

  10. Joe Guide says:

    Very nice video on Lake Okeechobee fishing…well done and enjoyable.

  11. craig curlee says:

    The look on your face when you caught that first hog was awesome! Had me smiling also!

  12. FHC Outdoors says:

    That first one was so exciting. Sweet video!

  13. Love the Bass fishing but you cant go wrong watching your videos. Great Job Darci

  14. Nice video ! you do your own editing?!

  15. As you're holding that bass the only thing I was thinking about was filleting it and what would I serve this fish with.

  16. I love Okeechobee still 2015

  17. walmir silva says:

    Qual o nome desse peixe

  18. can I marry you Darcizzle?

  19. Now your talking my kind of fishing!! Great job Darcie👍👊

  20. Joe Dirt says:

    the pro should have told her how to hold the rod. palm the reel , not the grip behind it. check out "beyond the basics with Randall Tharp" @ the 8 minute mark.

  21. Sean Cook says:

    Ahhh, reminds me of why I love Largemouth Bass fishing. Thanks!

  22. Great Job Darcie Keep On Bass Fishing KOC

  23. Nice job , setting that hook

  24. pauldh62 says:

    Some great bass Darcie!

  25. Yes….plz do more bass fishing shows. Love them…Tight Lines.

  26. Yoan is on our Regional Pro Team, an awesome guy and guide!

  27. Bass fishing is so much fun and there is so much of it here in Florida. You looked a little tired first off but you woke up when you hooked that first big one. Any problems with the bait caster? Even the pros get backlashes sometimes. I'd love to see a season of bloopers video on your channel 🙂

  28. T Frensdorf says:

    Those were some good lookin Bass, great job.

  29. Very good video….As usual !
    You made a nice hook set, When I was teaching my kids to fish I would always tell them to try to "Jerk they're lips off"….Ha Ha Ha…..Thank You Darcizzle "Again".
    Bass Boats are FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaa…….God Loves You Darci. Kell

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