Berkley Powerbait Thief Largemouth Bass Fishing

I work full time and fish when I can. Primarily in the northern Chesapeake Bay tributaries for smallmouth and largemouth bass. Check out our ebay store fishing tackle and much more.

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10 Responses

  1. Tom Shaffa says:

    Like all your video's, docks were hot!

  2. Jim Bench says:

    Just found your channel I live in Cecil co and I'm just this year getting back into fishing after many years away from it got the boat got the gear and the desire your videos are helping me realize that there's good fishing close to home and for that I'm very grateful to you

  3. Hey man great video! Nice to see your back. Enjoy your videos since I live and fish NE PA and go down to the Bay and always looking for some help.

  4. Snitchols says:

    Great to see another video!

  5. AWESOME! Love yourvstuff!

  6. TheGrtpmkn says:

    What the heck bounced off the boat at :42….good to see you back

  7. Grey Metal says:

    Glad to see you back on YouTube

  8. Awesome video! Nothing better than some fall bass fishing!

  9. Nice to see you back! What area were you fishing in this video?

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