I get messages from anglers coming down to fish Florida and one of the first things they ask is what are the best lures and what kinds of fishing rods do I need to catch Florida bass? I teamed up with FLW Pro Tyler Woolcott to talk about and break down 5 of our top picks for catching bass. It’s a good discussion too because we have some lures and fishing actions in common and some differ so it provides a little bit of perspective for you. Some of my picks include a punching rig, chatterbait, Fat Ace, Red Eye Shad and more. Most of the applications feature 50-65lbs braided fishing line but there are a few techniques I recommend using flourocarbon with such as the Fat Ace stick bait setup and certain situations when fishing a Red Eye Shad and chatterbait.

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Here’s links to all the fishing lures and fishing rods we talked about at Tackle Warehouse:

Cashion Fishing Rod for frogging and chatterbait 7’3″ MH

Z-Man Chatterbait

EZ Swimmer Swimbait

Red Eye Shad

Best flourocarbon fishing line

Braided fishing line

Punching rod 7′ 9″

Fat Ace stick bait

Tungsten weights

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35 Responses

  1. Rock Nemo says:

    Your dead on about the FWC destroying our lakes here in Florida, you notice they put a temporary moratorium on all spraying while the Elites were here during the MLF and Flw, but as soon as they were gone they lifted the ban and started nuking everything in sight again. Why are the pros so silent on this especially after they see the drastic devastation that is being done here.

  2. Mikey, I have the impression that you don't use tungsten weights.. Am I correct? that 5/16 weight is a little big for a tungsten weigh on the worm rod.. and I have seen other videos of your that I thought the same thing to myself, but I just thought I was being paranoid LOL Anyways if you don't use tungsten what is/are the reasons for to use it?

  3. Woah Mikey, how many fish has that Red Eye Shad caught you?!?!

  4. Ages Hart says:

    Great video. I will be adding this information to my tackle set ups. Keep up the great work!!

  5. BassGeek says:

    You know I like get'n learned. Haaaa

  6. KiddoHealz says:


  7. SCOTT APPLEY says:

    Would like to see Tyler build some rods! MHX blanks are good stuff.

  8. β€œWe help out the environment we love helping animals.”
    proceeds to kill grass that bass hide in along with otters and gators.
    β€œThat will help the fish and the wildlife!”
    β€œNice job guys we can sleep peacefully at night knowing we killed all the grass for the bas- I mean so otters can swim easier!”

  9. Rod Royal says:

    Here they ruin lakes with grass carp. They wipe out vegetation.

  10. Eye bro, how bout a chance to catch a trip with you…… some kind of way to get a chance.

  11. Great videos Mike, I watched one of your old punching videos, great info. I'm new to punching, I'm on Lake Rousseau for the next 2 weeks, any tips? Where are all the mats?

  12. The Big EZ body slam~!

  13. SETtheHOOK says:

    Great Video and Information….Great job Mike

  14. Holy Shit Mikey,you turned on the machine gun on today between you and Tyler,education πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ I love the feedback, friggin Dope πŸΊπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘

  15. zen pyro says:

    I have lived and fished here in winter Haven Florida sens I was 8 years old and I use everything form top water to salt water in the lakes here I have 65 to 80 pound test power pro on every thing my friends say I’m nuts for fishing that way but it works lol

  16. Man, I have seen bass fly straight out of the water with a closed mouth to hit my big ez. With that bigger bait they will try to injure it like a swordfish or a dolphin will before eating. Important to fling it back in and kill it.

    If it happens more than once you need to downsize to EZ

  17. John-Michael says:

    Hey make the videos longer if you have to the more info the better ….. and go I depth so of us got the basics but we want the good stuff

  18. Jj Rayguns says:

    Great video. Been living in Florida 3 years now and coming from deep clear reservoir fishing in Maryland I had trouble adjusting to the heavy rod, heavy line, heavy weight, big bait ways of Florida. I am successfully catching em on a regular basis now but this video is right on the money . Good shit mikey

  19. Jim Warden says:

    Thanks for the good info. Sweet pic of Bog in jail. Thanks for getting him out.

  20. How do you throw the gambler big easy? I'm guessing weightless?

  21. Where was this video last week while i was down there fishing! Do a video fishing lake haines in lake alfred.

  22. Hey Mike! Can u explain on punching about rigging a straight flipping hook? It might be stupid to u but I have a hard time rigging my plastic on a straight shank hook. Point keeps coming out

  23. Cove Snipes says:

    Great video I have a channel too it would be awesome if you could check it love your channel β™₯️🎣

  24. Thanks mike. Great video!

  25. Mike Sole says:

    Great vid man. You’re right, when they Shamu the Big Sleazy, best worst feeling in the world.

  26. Steve Cooper says:

    Did you move to Alabama? Love the videos brother

  27. Awesome video ,live in ky went to Kissimmee first time 30 years ago nobody shared anything everything was a secret! Figured out pretty quick wild golden shiners are the best bait in Florida!!!

  28. Zac S. says:


  29. Halo Halo says:

    I see u at my lake.. lmao liberry

  30. Dave C says:

    i like the 1/4 trap better more weedless

  31. Jon Hedrick says:

    Your at Donkey Land!!!!!!! Was there yesterday and headed back in a few…my favorite lake…great video

  32. Gotta love this dudes personality. Love the stuff!

  33. Hey mikey i was alexs co Angler in the last bfl and he won. He said he knows, you just wondering. He was bad ass. I learned so much even though i zeroed. You should put him in a video. It seems like if the sun isn't out i cant catch a bass. Fishing in 16" water is different/crazy. Hopefully i can make the top 44 so i can go to the regionals. Love the video and i always learn from your videos.

  34. Thank you for saving bog he the man!!!

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