BEST Top Water Frog Bass Fishing Video in Florida Lake. Spro and Rage Toad

Bass Fishing in Florida with Captain Shane using the Strike King Rage Tail Toad and Spro Frog. Lot’s of big fish. I finally got a “me” day to do a little bass fishing. It was fantastic! Must see. Topwater Video.


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31 Responses

  1. Catching monster after MONSTER WTF

  2. bobbymentel says:

    That’s a freaking a great series of bites, awesome.

  3. David Alley says:

    If I ever get to Florida, please take me fishing….we got hogs here in Texas, but damn…..

  4. Shane F says:

    Subscribed because you and Brandon's frog fishing video was awesome. Great stuff

  5. CS Fishing says:

    Nice! Dropping in to get you another sub, if you ever get a chance hit my channel up!

  6. Kyle Trigo says:

    Jiggin with jordan sent me lol

  7. will desilva says:

    What hook were you using?

  8. Awesome Videos !!!! Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see what 2018 brings !!!!! "Must See" Videos Here !!!

  9. Awesome Clip !!!!! I just subscribed to your channel……Keep up the good work and give my channel a subscribe Thanks

  10. Amateur Hour says:

    That was insane!! Those Fitzgerald rods loaded up beautifully on those topwater bites. Think I'm gonna have to get one!

  11. Paul Pereira says:

    Hi thanks for the awesome video.
    I'm from South Africa. What rod did he say he was using??

  12. Good job! fish in vietnam not big. i wish one day fishing same you!

  13. every once in a while you get a day like this! its what we live for! this is probably the 5th time I watched this one and never gets old! great stuff as always man!

  14. That Blob says:

    Great vid! You and other fishermen vids inspire me to do more fishing. I came here from blacktip. You earned a new subscriber!

  15. david Grieco says:

    Also next time I'm in Florida I will for sure be giving you a call. Need a day or two on the water snapping back on some Florida bass.

  16. david Grieco says:

    Had to subscribe after that awesome collaboration with Jordan. Keep up the good content.

  17. Dang buddy you were living right that day. Thats a dream come true day there. If my wife an I wanted to come down an book a trip, when's the best time to come? I want to catch them peacock bass but if you got water like that I'm all in there!!

  18. captain Shane, saw your video with jiggin Jordan. jusy wanna holla at you from jiggin Jordan

  19. And great video, I'd love to come out with you some day

  20. jiq5fd says:

    Hey captain Shane Brandon J sent me!!!

  21. Man , that one at 8:54 busted on that frog ! what a blast !

  22. Thomas V says:

    This is one of the best bass videos I've ever seen. Pristine location and lots of hogs. You're the man Captain Shane.

  23. NC Fish On says:

    Nice video Shane awsome fishing. I love the Rage toad. I just uploaded a video of a 7lb catch on Rage toad check it out when u get a chance. Just subbed a sub back would be great!!

  24. This is just great! Awesome! Hey where is this fishing spot in Florida? (I'm from Costa Rica)

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