Bluegill fishing the St. John's River, FL with Matthew Outlaw

Bluegill fishing the St. John’s River in Florida with B’n’M Poles and Lucas Oil/HydroForce Pro Staffer Matthew Outlaw for bedding bream.


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15 Responses

  1. ninja tfue says:

    The guy says the bluegill he catches are a bull he says that when I catch blue go there like 1/2 bigger than that

  2. ninja tfue says:

    I don't understand I go to this place and I catch tons of bluegills and I've seen bass there but it's called John's LAKE is it the same place I keep on trying to find if it is but I never find out

  3. John Bernard says:

    Middle Florida? You mean Central Florida haha

  4. wavygr says:

    I love the St Johns I use to fish it in 70s, The right time of the year you could smell bedding bluegill.

  5. DUSTY1373 says:

    What county you in

  6. R Brian says:

    what part of the st johns river?

  7. those bream are slick ! lol o well yall caught plenty more .

  8. Really cool Video Bro. I make custom crappie jigs that might be the hottest jigs in Florida. Click Here!

  9. Great bream fishing guys! Nice video! Just subscribed. It would mean a lot if you checked out my channel and subbed back. Looking forward to more videos. Good fishing!

  10. Marco Hinton says:

    Those are some monster bream. Here in Texas you can keep as many as you want.

  11. here out in utah its 2 per person

  12. What month was this?

  13. sgtpavlov says:

    nice fish down there! you ever get any hand painted bream?

  14. Scott Watson says:

    Nice catch and release practiced in this video!!

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