catching bass & crappie in (okeechobee florida)

fishing for big bass and crappie and we smashed them on sticko baits and jigs (dont forget to enter in our giveaway)

Here’s the link for cassette sunglasses and don’t forget to use promo code (LINEDUP) for 20% OFF here’s the link


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9 Responses

  1. Really like the video. Just subscribed.

  2. Josh 42 says:

    Entered the give away

  3. I would love to fish Lake Okeechobee!! Great video!!!

  4. Josiah Money says:

    I am in the giveaway done

  5. Jeff Gibson says:

    Man Tim I don't know how you do it, I can't even catch crappie in the Winter and your catching them in the Summer!!! SMH

  6. Dude. Not where I wanted to cast, dooooh. Fish on😂🎣 Shoulda fried up those crappies

  7. Travis Woods says:

    So I got to ask… do you love crappie???

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