Catching Bass on Live Night Crawlers Without a Reel

Catching bass and bluegill on earth worms as a teenager was always tons of fun. Up until the other day I’d never heard of live fishing worms being called night crawlers. Honestly, I don’t know what the difference is. In spite of my ignorance, largemouth bass seem to bite on these wiggly creatures when they are threaded on a very small hook.

Bream Buster Fishing Pole

My original intent in this video was to actually catch a bluegill and use it for bass bait. The problem I had was catching panfish. To surprise the largemouth bass were feeding on the night crawlers instead.


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8 Responses

  1. fixed line fishing is fun as hell.. do it in salt for 2-5 lb fish is some crazy fun

  2. JC, Happy new year, your beginning segment was so typical of any fishing accommodation, adapt and overcome. Most frustrating part of fishing is knowing that my daughters are going to out fish me one day… but then again, not really. that first little bass, wow, the worm was almost as big as it was. followed you on IG. I have to say, you were having a stellar day fishing with that OG setup. Take care and may the new year bring you much joy. Until next time, tight lines & good vibes.

  3. Nothing like going fishing for panfish and catch a bunch of bass lol.. heck that’s better yet brother! Happy New Year!

  4. Danny Peace says:

    Always move forward. If you can't walk, crawl. If you can't crawl, drag yourself.

  5. Don't forget to like and subscribe to Jc everyone, he always works hard on his video and has amazing content! Happy New year's everyone!!!

  6. Night crawlers are a northern, North American large specie of earth worm. They're much larger than a common specie of earth worm or garden worm. Night crawlers come out of the ground on cool wet nights to mate. It's easy to catch them with a dimmed red filter flash light, at night. Most of the time a person can catch one by gently pulling on the night crawler until it releases the grasp of its' tail, still in a hole underground.

  7. Did you leave any bass for 2019? Happy New Year!

  8. semper fi , says:

    Happy new year brother God bless you and your family thanks for sharing

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