Catching GIANT Bass Spawn Fishing While Exploring SECRET Florida Location

While exploring I found a fishing spot with giant bass! The bass were moving up to spawn which tells me they’ll be locked on beds and spawning around the next full moon. We also got kicked out of this private neighborhood right at the last minute!

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25 Responses

  1. We went to Florida a year ago during a cold Maryland winter. Holy crap is there some water and fish down there! Tight lines from BFG!

  2. Jax Haney01 says:

    You forgot to put the line in the description

  3. Luckiest recruiter alive bro. Those were some nice catches

  4. YakPak, you’re always so calm! I love how you reassure others to stay calm as well, because getting too hype can often make you lose a good’n. Props to you!

  5. greytroop says:

    With the crazy weather we are having in upstate new York the fish don't know what to do. We are below zero then the mid 40s bass have to be confused here 🤔

  6. Tj use a umbrella rig when the bass won't bite

  7. Tj keep up with the video sir

  8. Fishing580 says:

    Solid vid brother! I envy south Florida. Here in OKlahoma it's a grind just about year around.

  9. Good video… thanks 🙂

  10. Big D says:

    Good Video YakPak! What I know of bedding bass is they are very hard to catch, because they aren't hungry. They are focused on their bed. They will grab most baits by the tail unless you "f#ck" with it a little to much (I've seen it take hours) then they will take it all in with the intention of spitting out the bait when it gets off the bed.

    Males make the bed, bring the females back to lay eggs and the male fertilizes them. Then the males guard the eggs and fry. I've heard that the female never returns (according to science). But then I have also heard and anglers have proven it. Take the male off the bed (put it in the live well), the female or one of the big females will come and guard the bed. That is how they get her during spawn. Other than that big females are best to get during prespawn while they are still feeding heavily. That's when it's best to get your bigger heavier bass… typically. Although it has been proven that bass spawn year round. I hope that helps a little. The next best time is post spawn, after they recover from the spawn. At least that's what I've read and heard

  11. Come up to Ft Pickett early spring!

  12. Mike Banks says:

    Gator ate that bass for sure. Gonna be weird having to be so aware when i move to florida from new york lol not used to watchingout for gators while bank fishing

  13. Noah taking you to my spots smh.awesome vid though!🤙

  14. Hey man question how’s that godline working for you just set some up on my scorpion dc and was wondering if you had any tips on it pros and cons

  15. Best IPhone B-Roll in the game🤪🔥 Can’t believe we crushed em that hard in January more giants to be caught in the next coming weeks💪🏻

  16. Not crazy to me , I've been on em too . Some biiig ones too

  17. Let when you in south florida again.

  18. Awesome day man, we SLAYED! 🔥🔥🔥

  19. I live 5 minutes from this neighborhood. If anyone lives around Stuart Florida and wants to fish hit me up

  20. Troy Harper says:

    Great video Yak 💯💯👍

  21. I'm in Bradenton Florida, let's meet up and fish sometime

  22. Tj Pearce says:

    Tj how are u doing bro

  23. Lmao I want a Shimano DC 😂

  24. love the videos bro keep it up!!

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