Catching Huge Bullhead Catfish

On this day (yesterday) i caught my personal best Black Bullhead Catfish then on this same day (yesterday) i broke my personal best Black Bullhead Catfish! Yes folks i caught 2 gigantic Black Bullhead Catfish and ended up catching 4 different species of fish! Twas a great day of fishing! #Fishing #Animals #Wildlife #Catfish

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  1. Tylerp says:

    can we get more videos like this? really enjoyed it a lot plus a different variety of content

  2. thomas Rose says:

    Used to go down to the lake at night fish for bullheads all night. put a worm and a split shot about 8in from the hook have a beer. always pulled bull head in when you want your line back. we had Brown Bullhead, black Bullhead, and yellow bullhead, in the lake tasty flesh but I became a catch-and-release man. and fished for the sport. took a picture let them go. I would fish all night till about 2 or 3 go back up to the house lay down 2 or 3 hours. back down to the lake and fish for crappies pickerel Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. you still get mad at guys fishing down there with a Stringer of dying fish in the water that they had caught. and to see them let them dead or dying fish go when they were going home really peed me off. started calling the game warden and he did a good job. One Summer morning there were a bunch of young men shooting suckers who come in close to shore in early summer they were shooting them with pellet guns. went up to the house called the game warden. he came down 25 dead or dying suckers laying on the bank these kids were put in jail. I don't like to be a Squealer but when it comes to a situation like that I'll turn in my mother. only kidding but we must keep the stocks in our Lakes strong and healthy. make sure you have a license and make sure that your catch is legal it could cost you a lot of money and a ass whooping by the local fisherman.

  3. You can catch bull head twice that size even bigger at the dam near me. Those are tiny as hell.
    Thats what i bide my time on when trying for big fish. That what my small kids fish for

  4. Nice Black Bullheads! The Big ones were maybe a pound. You need a digital scale so you can get better at estimating the size of the fish your catching. The Fishing Hall of Fame Record for Black Bullhead Catfish is 8Lbs 15 Ozs. 1 Oz shy of 9Lbs. If you want to see some truly BIG Bullhead Catfish go to this link: Yellow Bullheads in my pond

  5. I like your videos but huge Bullhead? Come on bro🐟

  6. Garry Harris says:

    Tells Whopper Fish stories on Video Hahahahaha. 8" Fish weighs 2 Lbs hahahahaha.

  7. I love your fishing vids

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