Central Florida Bass Fishing with Gambler Big EZ & Captain Shane

Fishing Johns Lake in central Florida. Using the Gambler Big EZ swimbaits and Zoom Vibra Worms.


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27 Responses

  1. Gary Lubbes says:

    Good numbers. Where did you launch?

  2. Cap.shane why ya dont enter the bassmasters?

  3. what kind of hook did you use on the big ez

  4. Brad Boswell says:

    What color of big ez are you using in this video?

  5. aaronwku says:

    is there any good fish in that lake or just pecker heads?

  6. Oh and did you use a weighted hook on the big ez

  7. How did you work the big ez?

  8. How long were you fishin

  9. Jordan John says:

    How do you prefer to work this bait in the winter months?

  10. Is this possibly St. John's River?  Does anyone have any recommendations for St. John's in December/January?

  11. SFB SCHEDULE says:

    What size gambler big ez do you normally go with?

  12. Corey mott says:

    what were you using 2nd fish topwater? 

  13. What's ur favorite color swimbait by gambler?

  14. Jacob Klopp says:

    You should get wind mufflers.

  15. Jacob Klopp says:

    I live In a town near there called Winter Garden.I love to catch bass in that lake off the boat ramp. Caught a 6 pounder.

  16. Lot of anglers reporting big bass on Gambler lures @TrophyCatchFlorida. By registering at http://www.TrophyCatchFlorida.com, for free, you are eligible for a Phoenix Bass boat powered by Mercury.  Then every time you catch, document (Photo of the entire bass showing a weight heavier than 8 pounds on a scale) and release a Florida bass, you earn great prizes, starting with a $50 Bass Pro Shops gift card and Bass King t-shirt.  Check out our videos on YouTube at TrophyCatchFlorida.com

  17. Sometimes you only get one..sometimes you can get a half dozen or more.

  18. How many fish do those swimbaits last?

  19. When I get back up there in a month or so I'am going to hit it again. I love it too. Thanks for watching!

  20. bassboy0419 says:

    fished this lake many times and caught some good fish in it! love your vids by the way captain shane!

  21. SlayNfillet, I appreciate the compliment. Tournament competitions are not my calling.

  22. Rebman2005 says:

    man why arent you in the bass pro circut

  23. They have horrible customer service. The rods are ok.

  24. Do you like your e21 rods?

  25. You would want a medium heavy rod and 20 test. There are just too many baitcast reels to mention. Just buy the best you can afford. Good luck.

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