Cold Florida Bass like the Ned Rig!

Hey everyone, in this video I go out to the land of the giants trying to catch a Bass! The fishing is getting tougher and tougher, so its forcing me to slow down and work the bottom with a Ned Rig! I also show some clips from the past few weeks where i just barely catch a fish! Thanks for watching!

Music Credit: Lakey Inspired

Casting Rod: Ugly Stik GX2 Medium Heavy 6’6 1 piece Casting
Casting Reel: Piscifun Torrent 7.1:1 gear ratio Baitcasting
Spinning Reel: Piscifun Flame 2000
Spinning Rod: Ugly Stik Lite Pro Medium Action 6’6


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8 Responses

  1. BeardsNBass says:

    lol. good ole Roland Martin. Ned rig never dissapoints!

  2. hahahaha…who else can ya do??? Don't hold out on us 🙂

  3. Better than working man!!👊👊

  4. Fishing ALWAYS MAKES ME COMFORTABLE especially the moments of catching a fish

  5. CrazyQuady says:

    Great impression of Roland Martin 🤣

  6. Lol roland martin impression was funny. Looked pretty windy out there but way to fish though it great video brother

  7. Like Roland Martin would say "SON"!!! 😂😂 Great job buddy!! And when you were humming at 5:56 that was awesome how it was right with the music that you put in there!! Too cool!!

  8. Haha I like that Roland Martin impression, nice video man.

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