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My third encounter with the “crazy feminist” and her husband. I still (and always will) maintain that I’m allowed to fish there. Original video: 2nd Video:

Lures Used:
-Big worms on swimbait hooks

Time Fished: 4 pm-8:30 pm
Date: March 30, 2019
Location: Wellington, Florida
Camera: Gopro Hero 6 Black + chest mount


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43 Responses

  1. i never understood why people get so upset over someone fishing i mean i could be breaking into your house or having a loud ass party next door or doing a fat ass burnout in damn driveway but no im just fucking fishing like chill your tits

  2. sugarman08 says:

    I would make the cops come every fucking time until they got tired of coming

  3. Unknown Soul says:

    I love that you're trolling them hard. Those kinda people deserve it,and so much more.

  4. Oil Town74 says:

    Kids shootin purple heroin.. but lets break these kids ballz

  5. Noah says:

    Best response you could've given was ok boomer

  6. Robin Browne says:

    Lol. You should start a Crazy Feminist channel.

  7. Burt Vincent says:

    Here in Michigan USA if you can get on a body of water through a public entry or willing private entry you can fish. Its public. You can even metal detect on the bottom as long as you don't touch private shore. I had a house on a lake once and was appalled by the number of elitist ass holes who believed the water was theirs. My ex wife got that place and yes she is a feminist. Glad to be out of there but learn the laws and don't be intimidated by these shit heads.

  8. xmoroseguyx says:

    Karl Marx`s was right, Property is theft

  9. graciano b says:

    You are too nice with them dude!!

  10. graciano b says:

    Are you sure guys that you just have orange juice in that bottle?? Uh may you have a mix of tequila or Vodka !

  11. Brett Stamm says:

    Old rich people are the worst. But also, why not fish somewhere that nobody's going to fuck with you? Seems easier to just avoid these dicks.

  12. Zeksteve says:

    It sounds like this kid is just visiting his grandparents who retired in FL to live on the course.
    Get a restraining order go to court saying she threatens you

  13. GhostDog says:

    You are a pos man….carry the proper hook removal tool if you are catch and releasing

  14. People like them should have been in twin towers better world without them

  15. rekyyli91 says:

    i dont get it, like i couldnt care less even if someone was fishing in a pond i own if they keep it down and respect the wildlife. some ppl are just born to complain and meddle

  16. DoctorCreepy says:

    Don't give in keep fishing!

  17. I feel as there's a lot more to this story than what's being said and filmed. I seen under the comments the video poster said they had a family member that owned a home there. If that's the case then why are they still being told to leave? If you can't fish in a certain area its simple. Don't fish there.

  18. brwi1 says:


  19. Tom Baker says:

    What's the location?
    I want some bass

  20. 2115virgo13 says:

    Speak to a neighbor. Get permission! Legit shut her up!! Maybe

  21. TOM PREE says:


  22. David Sastre says:

    You shouldn't just throw them, can shock the fish.

  23. Lets all fish at the same spot

  24. Wu Kong says:

    Feminist 3 , fisherkid 0

  25. Gunlex says:

    If you were continuing to be loud and obnoxious I'd call security as well.. it's hard to know who the crazy person is in these videos now, I imagine you've left some video out >.>

  26. dude by an e-caller set it on the bank…hide near by and blast a dying crow call at her house at 3 am and everytime they come outside shut it off so they cant find the caller…i did this to an asshole that harassed us legally duck hunting behind her house….

  27. Seann Page says:

    How is she a feminist? I think she’s the opposite, just a stuck up rich bitch.

  28. Go back and catch one and ask them to take a pic

  29. D. Lawrence says:

    i got on my laptop to jerk off but youtube gave me this… W

  30. simple simply slip and fall and sue the fuck out of those assholes 😀

  31. "I'm the CEO…" I lost it. So nice.

  32. Do you have permission or not? If so, why even leave?

  33. Great vid, but one small beef…dont allow the fish to lay on the ground, it damages their slime coat

  34. Bro u are loud asf instigating this shit

  35. I'm all about fishing…but when you just intentionally start being a loud, obnoxious, immature, antagonizing dickhead, that's where I draw the line. You're just another asshole at this point. Grow up.

  36. Ebs Rok says:

    You need to go back

  37. Doing gods work keep it up

  38. Street 101 says:

    I would go back every week just to piss them off…

  39. Aqua Tuner says:

    Where is this so I can piss her off too.

  40. Killa levi7 says:

    like fuck off are you really causing any harm catching and releasing some fucking selfish bastards

  41. MNFisher22 says:

    This is too savage

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