Does the moon matter?

Why aren’t fishing tournaments scheduled around the moon phases? Does the position of the moon determine how many fish you will catch? Here are a few questions to think about:

Why are fish caught on the worst rated fishing days?
What other factors can effect the feeding habits of fish?
Why are the best days for fishing?

In my opinion, Fish eat when they eat. Not when the moon says to eat. Certain periods of the moon cycle definitely have better averages in number of fish caught when you look at the big picture. But, there is so much more to fishing that the moon phase. The best day of the month can be terrible if the weather is acting up, a front is moving in, barometric pressures are rapidly fluctuating, etc.

Some days, bass seem to tear bait to shreds as if it were their last meal, while on other days the take the smallest nibble. Bass are known to be lazy predators when there is an abundance of food or the conditions are not conducive to require active attacking of prey. Give a Bass a free meal – he will most likely take it. Make a bass do a little work for a meal, it might not put up the effort. That does not mean you can not catch a fish, just that you need to change the game and get the odds in you favor. Flippin? Reaction bites can happen at any time. Get a many casts in as possible presenting an easy meal will result in fish being caught.

But don’t throw our the notion that fishing times are useless. Instead, incorporate them into your preparation and take notes about the weather, fronts, times. etc. Keep good detailed notes and look back on them. Looking at the whole picture coupled with your experience will improve your skills as a fisherman.

So… what are the best days for fishing? All the days the end in Y!

What are you waiting for? Get out there! Good Luck!

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