Epic Snook Fishing- TEMPER TANTRUM Fishing FAIL Caught on Camera! Stuart Florida Fishing!

In this Florida fishing video, we go inshore fishing in Stuart, Florida on our flats boat. Saltwater fishing and we had mission to catch a keeper snook. We started snook fishing docks with live bait. Fishing before a cold front and catching snook after snook! Epic fishing day and the bite was on fire! Puddin lost a HUGE snook under the docks, ultimate fishing fail and had a massive temper tantrum! He almost broke the fishing rod & threw it in the water! Snook fishing Florida tips and how to catch snook tips are in the video! Join us for a day of awesome snook fishing! ⇊CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO & LINKS⇊

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33 Responses

  1. fish is kind of tricky to cook, fry or grill. timing is everything.

  2. Mark Polsky says:

    Man that sucks! Lost a monster! Bummer

  3. Knight Rider says:

    You guys make a cute couple. Being her Sugar Daddy must he great. She is a perfect 10. Her pink snapper must taste like sunflowers.

  4. James SALAKE says:

    Your thumb must feel like a 'finger' mullet to the Snook.

  5. Not cool throwing the rod puddin 😏

  6. Not trying to be whatever but why don’t you guys buy one of those fish grips or boga grips or something like it. As much as you tear up your fingers and hands with those fish I just wondered if there was a reason y’all don’t use them

  7. Zeyad says:

    You Guys are awesome

  8. Like, wouldn't you suck on Darcizzles thumb? Some fish wouldn't want to go. Would you? 🙄😁😍.

  9. We should all be so "cursed".

  10. Doug Evans says:

    Great video, I love to see you guys having fun. So many fishers need to know the golden rule: If you're not smiling, then you're not doing it right

  11. Haha thought the tantrum was sizzle

  12. Darci, why don't you use a fish grip when handling fish? Save your fingers.

  13. Aaron Thomas says:

    Yeah, the Fish Dance that's what I was waiting for…hahaha…!!! So glad you named it a "Darcizzle Fit", because Darcizzle is so usually the one throwing a fit…hahaha so funny…

  14. Rock Drummer says:

    He is a great guy and she has no flaws. Keep the videos coming great work guys

  15. That was So Funny. That Dance on the front deck. And the tantrum after losing the snookie under the dock. Love it…lol

  16. MikeMarkCA says:

    Listen Brian, I've got somebody you can talk to, and I'm pretty sure she takes Blue Cross.

  17. Tim Morris says:

    HA! Puddin did his Fish Dance and I laughed so hard I snorted my coffee all over my shirt…. Keep up the Great work. 👍👍

  18. Honk , Honk , And Waistless ,,, see Brian showing more skill ,,, lots of nice fish today ,,, ,,, yall are awesome ,,, much love ,, stay safe

  19. jay dietrich says:

    Brian, that fish was not burned, it was blackened!

  20. rjbtoo says:

    Darci’s got a tanning bed in a bunker somewhere.

  21. D Horne says:

    I'm impressed by Darci's skill and patience. I am not impressed by your temper tantrum…BRYAN

  22. Scott Hill says:

    Fishing gloves dear…

  23. Watching Darcizzle's patience and technique are awesome, no wonder she lands so many.

  24. Shawn Price says:

    looking great makes me want to go snook fishing had to get my mind off this corona virus news.

  25. Mr. GTO says:

    Snookalicious…!! The one that got away was 35 inches…………..

  26. Mike F says:

    Yo Brian…. that was funging classic!!!!!! I spit my drink all over the place laughing my @ss off.

  27. JAMES BELL says:

    Love it.. Brian that was definitely a good laugh needed😂

  28. That bite as fire!! That temper tho..🤣🔥 But hey, we’ve all been there! It just shows his passion, and it is hilarious so thanks for leaving it in the video 🤣

  29. Manatee Max says:

    Beautiful day for fishing the Treasure Coast yesterday. We really needed the rain. Y'all ever fish the downstream side of the lock? I've seen some nice snook pulled from there.

  30. Nik P says:

    I dont have a boat to fish with anymore. I fished for over 20 years. I so miss saltwater fishing so I live it through you guys. Thank You for doing this. It makes my day EVERYDAY!!!!!

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