Exotic Amazonian Fish Species CAUGHT in my Backyard!

In this Florida fishing video, we go fishing from land in our backyard canal! Catching a lot fish species including the exotic butterfly peacock bass. Native range lies within the Amazon River basin of South America. Great peacock fishing action! ⇊CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO & LINKS⇊

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Music from Epidemic Sound
6:00p 4.23.19


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31 Responses

  1. What's up DarcizzleNation! Just some facts on the Peacock Bass…they were introduced here by the FWC many years ago and you can learn more here: https://myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/profiles/freshwater/butterfly-peacock/
    YES, you can eat them, they taste like "regular" bass, pretty good! We did a catch and cook years ago that is linked in the video.
    Hope you like!

  2. Beautiful Peacock Bass. I could hang out in your backyard all day catching those, drinking some land shark, BBQing and sharing fishin stories.

  3. Ray Kelly says:

    Another great video

  4. mcsnooklovin says:

    It’s the same two fish. Look at the spots.

  5. Isn’t that an invasive species?

  6. jodopeg says:

    I've pulled out several Peacock bass in Penbroke Pines, FL,,, there's a pond in front of the municipal center at Pine Blvd and Palm ave,,, Red Jelly worms and silver Rapala lures is what they like….
    Also, if you want some good fishin action,, the canals off Commercial Blvd in Tamarac are loaded with Snake head as are the canals off Khrome avenue near Mac's fish Camp in Miami-Dade…
    Don't believe me,,, go buy some shiners at a local bait shop and you can have an early morning blast catching Snake Head, Garr and bass off of Khrome Ave and US27

  7. It's awesome you can fish like that in your backyard. Great video guy's.

  8. freddie fred says:

    That canal is fed by a sewer. A storm sewer but still a sewer. How dos that affect the taste of the fish?

  9. Mark Polsky says:

    That was great! Some amazing looking peacocks! Great Job team sizzle!

  10. That is so damn cool 👍🏻

  11. Burntcrazy says:

    Hey! Puddin' losing some weight. Looking good, dude!

  12. Great show Sweetie!! I want a calendar, but on the calendar part, (the part nobody cares about) is there space to write appointments or whatever?

  13. Can you eat those? If so have you

  14. Not only turned off by her manliness but her big mouth too!

  15. Catching fish like that in the backyard is so awesome. Some real beauties there!!

  16. Yeah clicked on the the link, so it's alright to introduce a invasive species so long as your making money. I just unsubscribed, sad.

  17. Hey I love you guys I've been watching you praise God for good fisherman like you Sizzle and Brian

  18. Hey hey guys you are the greatest

  19. Oh my God Brian I got me a Shakespeare spinning reel with 12 lb test a two-piece rod and you're asking me what I got well I'm trying to learn how to fish and there are fresh water world

  20. Robert Baker says:

    #1 fishing hole. You must have had 10 inches of hair cut off life will be easier.

  21. Thank you guys I love watching your videos Brian and sizzle

  22. I'll never forget when I caught my biggest bass on a rapla. 11 4oz Largemouth Bass

  23. Me too I'm going to catch my biggest rainbow trout and I guarantee he's going to kick my butt that's that's all right I can't wait

  24. I love this video thank you sizzle

  25. Sizzling Brian I appreciate your videos I love my giant gator trout little itty bitty is there a spook and she slammed it she was a big old female and I took the hook out of her mouth and I let her free

  26. Good for you sizzle I love your videos on YouTube I appreciate your I love fishing for big Gator trout I fish in a lot of them in Indian River but I can't get there I'm up here in Missouri with Big o rainbow trout so I got to catch the biggest male I'm going to catch him what's up Whopper plopper one of the best lures up here in the North catch my first biggest smallmouth bass wow check it out girl if you want to catch some big fish check the Whopper plopper

  27. And guess what I caught my biggest bass and Coral Springs Florida 11 lb 4 oz I was only 16 years old or the baitcaster 3000 and guess what I caught my biggest fast I never caught a smallmouth but I'm aiming at it girl

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