Fall Junk Fishing for Florida Largemouth Bass – Butler Chain of Lakes

Fall Fishing for Largemouth Bass can sometimes be challenging because water temperatures are falling and the Bass are usually on the move. Determining where they’re moving to and what lures are best to catch them is always the challenge. In this video, my customer and I are at the Butler Chain of Lakes in Central Florida. Water temps are in the low 80’s and the fish should be biting way better than they were. We caught a lot that day, but finding bigger fish was a lost cause. Frogs, spinner baits, top water – walking baits, Texas Rigged worms, and Super Flukes were all used. Some worked and some did not.

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Chuck PIppin Jr.
Chuck PIppin Bass Fishing, Inc.


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9 Responses

  1. MK-ULTRA says:

    Speaking for myself, I wouldn't mind more vids, even of you feel the content may be a little redundant. We all go through that and wouldn't mind a little of the same ol routine in your vids. I really enjoy your "How I do it" vids as well. Thanks for sharing,. Tight lines from Texas🎣

  2. Falls about finding what they want and where they want it. Nice video.

  3. Andrew Buss says:

    This video hits home for me. Being from Northern Indiana junk fishing dominates derbies from mid-summer through late fall. Great work on this video!

  4. New Sub buddy!! Nice video. Hey I try to post whatever I can. Especially now its getting tougher for bass. Come check my channel.

  5. Nice fish. I subbed. Check out our channel. Brand new High School Fishing vid up now. Got 1st.

  6. Tyson Norton says:

    Great vlog as always, can't wait to get back out there

  7. NI Carper says:

    awesome footage really loving the action work with the cam! I have subbed and hit the bell for more 🙂 hoping you'll check out my Irish fishing channel and return the support 🙂

  8. Was that a storm arashi topwater ?

  9. Great video Chuck. Went to Rodman Dam today. 9,834,716 casts, using flukes, tequila shad, gold pepper shiner, and 8" black with blue flake worms, and the bass just weren't there. Probably because of the 9 foot gator.

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