Fellsmere Grade Headwaters Lake

New lake in Fellsmere Florida


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7 Responses

  1. Awesome video and day fishing! We hit it today but limited time.. hit a few….seems like we need to venture further west (right of canal and south) next time

  2. Good video. Check out our Fellsmere videos. Keep on fishing

  3. Is that a tracker classic xl with a deck extension?
    Do you have a video of your boat and the mods?

  4. Not kidding there were 8 boats on that spot today

  5. Adam says:

    Just subbed!! Awesome day and awesome catches. I can't wait to go and fish there. Planning trip in 3 weeks, hopefully bite is still 🔥 🔥

  6. Anthony says:

    Nice catches! Epic frog slaying.
    Curious, left or right side of main canal?

  7. John Garner says:

    Enjoyed the video–especially liked the way you protect the resource by hand landing the fish instead of slamming them on your casting deck.

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