Finally Caught this INVASIVE Fish!! Florida Exotic Species Fishing

Well this was a tough outing even though we caught a few nice fish. The amount of 3-5lb Peacock Bass I saw was mind boggling and what was even worse is it seemed they were a little lock jawed.Or possibly just wanted live bait. But all in all an interesting outing and really cool I finally caught my first Snakehead which are invasive but an awesome addition to the Florida ecosystem.

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49 Responses

  1. luis ruda says:

    I was really hoping you wouldn't release that snakehead. Any chance you get to catch a snakehead keep it and eat it or give it to someone. The snakeheads in Florida have been found to be very aggressive and outcompete all other species for food; they can destroy native fish and habitats really quick. The same goes for saltwater lionfish. Coincidently, both taste awesome.

  2. Dedi Supandi says:

    In indonesia the snake head its called "gabus" fish

  3. John Toro says:

    Great video as always. Keep catching and stay safe!!!

  4. Yezeer says:

    Use fog . Good

  5. Where in Boca is this I’m tryna hit this spot 🙏🏾

  6. Man, I wish we have those size of peacocks here! I mean we do but they’re not that easy to find. Although they aren’t native but they are an excellent fish to catch! But snakeheads are native here in 🇲🇾. And we have giants.

  7. Alan Kedah says:

    Nice bro..i from malaysia…malaysia say this fish name is can search in google image..good luck bro

  8. famie amie says:

    Nice snakehead. In Malaysia we call it kerandang

  9. Florida has no idea what snake heads are going to do until it’s to late. I’m pretty sure Florida biologists want them killed and for you to call them with location you got it.

  10. my fav snakehead, name that fish emperor snakehead or channa marulioides. Im from Indonesian

  11. Kathy Wedzik says:

    Idk where in Florida he is, but we know if you catching snakehead(S) , the native fish are gone or will be gone..snakeheads are as devastating to a body of water as mud fish.. snakeheads are invasive they are not an awesome addition to the Florida ecosystem, enjoy the bass while you can fool

  12. Awesome sight cast on that snakehead! Also, those lizard soft plastics have paid off for me with both fresh AND saltwater here in the Florida panhandle….especially in canals.

  13. Robert Diehl says:

    It’s amazing, considering the reputation of the Snakeheads, that anything else lives in the waterway. The bass, largemouth and peacocks survive to make it to respectable size. Then they can become an effective predator.

  14. 1 cath 14lbs snake head, personall record, i live in Papua, Indonesia

  15. Dylan Ruzzo says:

    Love those Berkeley shad lures, troll them for trout up here in CT

  16. John Nichols says:

    Love the vids man. I got a small painting business here in RI and watch/listen all the time while working. While I'm very impressed with your fishing skill/knowledge, I might be more impressed at your respectful nature as a young man. You are a great embassador to the sport.

  17. I'm new here I heard you are to kill snakeheads

  18. swkelley says:

    We only have one type of snakehead in Florida and that's the Bullseye (or Great) Snakehead. Good to see you practice catch and release!!

  19. Steven Grust says:

    i know the feeling of getting a new species …. CONGRATS!

  20. Sight fishing for peacocks is def on my bucket list. It was great to see you get on em like that. I kept waiting for you to spook a big snake or a gator 😬

  21. Awesome video man 🔥💪🏼

  22. Greg Thomas says:

    Would be nice to see you get more away from the usual. Like the exotic move,keep it up.

  23. Peecock 😂, nice vids mate 👍.

  24. Adam Smith says:

    Bullseye snakehead. If you could get the yak In there you,d kill em.

  25. iha asc says:

    It is amazing how many exotic species have gained a foothold in Florida waters. Years ago when I fished the canals when I visited family in the area it wasn't like this.

  26. KRIS GUNST says:

    The video resolution was amazing. Well done. Be safe everyone.

  27. Why would u release the snake head they eat all the native species and food for them . They where brought in from China I think . U should kill them when u catch em

  28. Was that Sasquatch in slow motion walking in the woods ?! 🤓 great video fishaholic! The reflection of the sky on the River is stunning

  29. Beautiful fishing day! Amazing clouds and water reflection 🙂

  30. Peter Mavus says:

    Aren,t you supposed to destroy those snake heads? Caught one in a Jersey river destroyed it Very disappointed in you Riich as a responsible fisherman

  31. Dude, those things abound in the rivers of central South America. I live in and have fished Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil for 37 years. The smaller versions of your fish (called “morenitas” here in Paraguay) are habitually used for dorado, surubí, pacú, etc. KILLER live bait.

  32. We be fishing for toilet paper in Suffolk county. All ur videos are fun and informative to watch

  33. jay johnson says:

    I thought you were supposed to kill all snakeheads caught as they are invasive and wiping out all the native fish😎

  34. Ahmad Harris says:

    you need to use jump frog lure to catch that fish

  35. MOPAR 401 says:

    This location looks right out of swamp loggers lol

  36. Next time please kill the snakeheads.

  37. Rich, this fish tastes good actually. Where they come from, people eat them for their taste and some for the 'medical' properties they have. I mean the snakehead.

  38. Bill Matson says:

    Nice video Rich . A little jealous peacocks and snake head are on my hit list .
    Stay safe & tight lines
    You still owe me a fort pond walleye video

  39. Franz Danan says:

    qnd what is the brand of your rod sir

  40. Franz Danan says:

    sir what is the specs of your fishing rod?

  41. They on my bucket list, i will be targeting them this year, great video!

  42. 💯🔥🔥🎣👊🏼 great job bro

  43. Waiting on my Saltbreaks to come in the mail. That video of you sight fishing those snooks with your dad's buddy convinced me to get a pair. I got them off a different site but I believe the link that you have in the description is for the female version?

  44. Mark Brown says:

    It's really sad what's happened to our ecosystem down here. The pet trade as well as shipping has introduced so many invasive species.

    I think you ARE supposed to kill snakeheads here. However, what good is it to kill just one? I would kill it if I was by myself but, on camera, I wouldnt know what to do. There's a lot of people who don't care if it's invasive. If you kill it, they're gonna start crying and try to get your channel taken down. They'll likely succeed too.

  45. Enrique Teja says:

    Head cam for the win

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