FIRST EVER LARGE MOUTH BASS! Caught On The Side Of The ROAD! Freshwater Fishing – Trini in Florida

FIRST EVER LARGE MOUTH BASS! Caught On The Side Of The ROAD! Freshwater Fishing – Trini in Florida PT. 4
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After spending just a couple of days in Fort Lauderdale, it was time to make the drive up to Daytona to visit my Aunt-in-law. The drive was expected to take a little less than 4 hours. So on the way, we decided to make a stop at one of the exits to get something to eat.

As we made the turn off and headed towards the mall area, I spotted a small lake/pond. Now I had a rough time of it saltwater fishing, so I was still anxious to try to catch some fish…When we went to the Food Spot and ordered the food, they told us it might be about 15 minutes. So I left my wife in the car and ventured off to the water, with the smallest of hope that I could catch a Large Mouth Bass.

Now I have never caught one before, so I really wanted to get one. While going to the spot, my GoPro decided to malfunction, but I still ventured on. A couple casts in….And to my huge surprise…I was hooked up! As I tried to flip up the bass, to my despair, it fell of the hook and wriggled away…Really wanted to get my hands on it!

Not trying to get too discouraged, I fished on and got me another! It turned out to be an epic 10 mins of fishing! Bucket list fish for sure!

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24 Responses

  1. Nice thats like a florida wabeen😅 keep it up fish on

  2. Manu Et fish says:

    Hello mon ami très belle vidéo un gros like à toi à bientôt

  3. Great video bro FISHON!!!


  5. Solomon Nedd says:

    what type and size of line and leader are you using on that rod

  6. Falina Baksh says:

    Congrats on the catch!! Do you track the different species you've caught so far? Im sure would be an impressive list!! Great vid as always 👍👍

  7. Great catch bro keep up the good work

  8. Renison R says:

    Bro fish on u real shake in bro nice catch 😁

  9. Enjoyed it to the fullest 🙂 another great vid kos 👍 #fishon 🎣

  10. Dis time u grab on!..🤣🤣..nice catch for 1st time!!.

  11. Saw your hand shaking with adrenaline… Lol.. good one bro

  12. chris jattan says:

    That fish had you shaking bro

  13. Intrø Vërt says:

    you were on private property lol😂

  14. Nice vid bro also nice bass keep fishing Fishon!

  15. Snook master says:

    Well done bro! My PB largemouth is 4lbs caught on a live shiner! Still have the record on you haha

  16. Awesome brother👊🏻😎

    Congrats…it’s in your blood now, you will be forever addicted🤣

  17. Nice action bro, I would love to hook a bsss some day.. never tried fresh water fishing before

  18. Kashmoney38 says:

    That pond looks familiar

  19. You have really gotten a serious case of fisherman's sickness. One major symptom is the temporary inability to count. "One more throw." "This is the last one." May there never be a cure👍

  20. Rado Charles says:

    Is the sad music when the first one got away 😂😂

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