Fishing Bass Tournament In A HIDDEN Lake!!! (Florida)

In this video I fish a bass tournament in a undisclosed location and catch some monster bass! If you want to see more videos like this make sure to hit that like button! New? Subscribe and help me reach 100K Subscribers!!

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Title: Kaleidoscope by Kasbo from Monstercat – Best of Future Bass
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46 Responses

  1. 1OFGODSOWN says:

    Have you ever considered using the trolling motor and going to the fish? It is your fault that you loose so many in heavy cover. The longer you play them in heavy cover the better the odds are for them at coming off. Seems like common sense to me but I guess not to you?

  2. Alec Rego says:

    How do you not get caught up in the weeds

  3. VangsFishing says:

    Homie got a lowrance and humminbird

  4. Pleae don't sing anymore, not even in the shower.

  5. Jdizzle 8633 says:

    Also you should really check out the creek it has some monsters my biggest is 9lbs in the creek my dads 11lbs

  6. Jdizzle 8633 says:

    No way I live on lake arbuckle what are the chances

  7. Maybe you are not cursed maybe itโ€™s the fishing pole that is cursed

  8. Frank Murray says:

    You are losing fish because you are ripping the bait out of the fish's mouth bro. Pressure is good, but when they are fighting and pulling then jerking and keeping such hard pressure on the line isn't the best bet. And less talking in the vids bro

  9. Dude, I love your music!!!
    Just getting into fishing after years!! You are awesome and a great inspiration! Love your vids. Keep it up, keep em coming!

  10. Race Goad says:

    Can you help me with my dream while Iโ€™m in flordia

  11. What kind of action rod are you using and line?

  12. Wyatt Smith says:

    Lol if your from around here you'll know that's Arbuckle. Have personally caught some monsters from there

  13. Aka Payload says:

    He chocked it down his throat

    Iโ€™m dead

  14. Myles Hynes says:

    is that lochloosa or orange

  15. AA Bassing says:

    Subscribe for fishing content

  16. Dolphin Fan says:

    That intro was kit ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™

  17. clear_haze says:

    Great editing man.

  18. King Jay says:

    That dish thought he could fly

  19. you are so dramatic in all your video's dude

  20. Ryan Land says:

    Awesome videos tho keep it up

  21. Ryan Land says:

    Don't stop cranking that reel even tho you are in the pads?? Bad mistake

  22. Kind of annoying that it's a public lake fishery and your keeping it disclosed

  23. I like the drone shots


  25. Andrew Smith says:

    That's some serious bass there Brando!! Great video โ˜บ

  26. Fat Branden says:

    2.7k like for that ๐Ÿš€ launch of that set.

  27. Travis Brown says:

    What are u throwin in the middle of those pads? A swim jig? What lb test braid is that?

  28. Jeromy Cole says:

    sometimes you gotta let em take the line man

  29. Monster bass in Ft Cooper lake in Inverness. That Lake looks like Inverness Florida to lol. Nice Lews rod. I have the Mach 2

  30. IFish Bass says:

    When u lost the 4 dude should have trolled closer js I would have kicked his ass off the boat

  31. A bass catch and cook

  32. You should do a catch and cook video.

  33. Fatima M says:

    Love the intro man you on fire

  34. Whatโ€™s the name of the jig head and the soft plastic you used in this video

  35. VitalFishing says:

    awesome videos, subbed

  36. Chris Velez says:

    Could you make a jig tutorial please? I canโ€™t catch a bass on a jig for my life even though I have a good variety of them

  37. Need a higher gear ratio!

  38. You need to tighten your drag

  39. Ethan Lee says:

    dope edits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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