Fishing Florida Ponds – Giant Bass On Huge Swimbait!

Sorry for the lack of uploads lately… That will change!

In this video, we fish with FTGC and target some bass on swimbaits and crankbaits. These clips were from different days fishing different ponds.

Instagram: gulfcoastbrosfishing

– Stay tuned for more bass and saltwater fishing as the water warms up once again. Thanks for watching, like, comment, and subscribe for more!


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17 Responses

  1. Awesome work man! Way to catch some quality bass off the bank! I have some good footage of Florida fishing on my channel, have a look when your bored!

  2. The D Squad says:

    Try to fish someday I live in Tarpon Springs Florida and I saw one of your videos was at Fred Howard Park and little bridge I fish at sometimes

  3. Is that a go pro mounted on your chest

  4. Croomrider97 says:

    Try out the mattlures ultimate bluegill, caught my pb on lake okeechobee 11lbs!

  5. Ty PigPatrol says:

    Monster swimbait fish!

  6. Good video guy! Why haven't you been uploading more? That bass blow up at .53 seconds was awesome. I just subscribed, hope you will do the same.

  7. Nice video I'm your 199 th sub I would appreciate it if you checked out my channel

  8. "3 1/2" haha that's at least a 6

  9. what part of florida is this

  10. Yo Boy says:

    This the best channel on YouTube

  11. Savage says:

    small swimbaits not big

  12. +1 like nice vid just earned a new sub! Would appreciate if you could do the same for a fellow small fishing channel:)

  13. great bass you got there, thumbs up

  14. Good job boys! Be careful of the gators wading in with fish like that

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