Fishing for FLORIDA’s Biggest PEACOCK BASS! (Ft.Monster Mike)

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Camera: canon G7x mark 2

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15 Responses

  1. Daniel Vigil says:

    Laying them in grass/dirt made me cringe. So did holding them by the gills/gill plates. It's a Bass. Lip it. They were nice fish though!

  2. hooked up says:

    Awesome video!! Wear are y'all at

  3. nice fishing!!! this is exactly what i want to tie into next winter

  4. Do you offer guide service monster Mike?

  5. Awesome! Y'all have me more excited about heading down there in a couple weeks!

  6. Could you day where this is?

  7. Nice ! That lmb was equally as big

  8. Ty PigPatrol says:

    Those are monsters ! Great fish!

  9. Lou Caruso says:

    Waz Great !!! 1 Thing…Why Weigh Yours & Not Even Little Carry Scale ??? & Mike….U Caught How Many Giant Fish ????…OH MY GOD…OOHHH MMYYY GGOOODDD…ENOUGH ALREADY !!!!

  10. Do you need fishing license in Florida?

  11. WOW. Incredible peacock! Great video!

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