Fishing for GIANT Peacock Bass in Miami

Going fishing for peacock bass was a great experience. Glad I stayed the extra 2 days in Florida so I could get on some giant fish. Make sure to hit that THUMBS UP for me if you enjoyed the video!!

Scott Martin –

Monster Mike –

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28 Responses

  1. Anyone know what river that is?

  2. madrockjohn says:

    Why would you keep a peacock bass?

  3. Two Three says:

    You assholes are not professionals. More money than brains. More ego than fish.

  4. Tony G says:

    As Bill Murray said in Stripes, " I want to party with you". Ya'lls are serious about this fun thing 😎
    BTW, Palmetto 78 😎
    I used to fish the canels as Gable's by the Sea was being built. Snapper Creek Channel was epic. Snook across the street from the parrot jungle 😉. The good old days 😎

  5. I'm from pompano beach just north of Miami in Broward county and mick was there that's cool

  6. Were is exactly the place ?

  7. When a single fish can make 3 experienced fishermen say "oh my gosh/God" epic

  8. Cool video!

    if you like Peacock Bass fishing, check this out:

  9. C H C says:

    Some great fisherman. Can't tell a largemouth V peacock.

  10. Official Rho says:

    Grab the freaking net!!!!!!!

  11. Hardman Dice says:

    That mean peacock bass is rumnning the canals

  12. Kyle Owens says:

    Lunkers , Scott, and monster mike!!!! That’s all u need

  13. am i the only one who saw rob fistbump mikes limp hand???

  14. BranGoBrazy says:

    Lol mike gets soo excited

  15. What are you guys Five years old…………why don't you try and act your age……..

  16. Dmac 740 says:

    What is the record size peacock bass ever caught?also why are some black and others have good color.

  17. you guys are dicks, later

  18. I have been down to Miami I would love to fish down there with mike he’s fished some of my spots

  19. Kelwyn Glynn says:

    All I needed to hear was Monster Mike lol shoutout to you Rob….come back to Miami.

  20. ryan Beard says:

    Outlaw I like ur video it a bad ass show I will be staring my own YouTube show tomorrow at 5am talking about camping

  21. crein147 says:

    this trip looks like a blast

  22. Hey Rob, I am in Miami right now. Where is a good place to bank fish for peacock bass?

  23. Adrian D says:

    When you're new to the channel so you gotta catch up on all the old videos

  24. Alicia A says:

    You don’t know if downtown Miami is safe or not? Get a life go back to Texas where you belong so stupid

  25. grifo119 says:

    Come to Brazil, here your peacock bass it’s a baby….
    We have more species, the blue ( 5 to 10 pounds)And the “AÇU” ( Big – indian language) up to 20 pounds….

  26. Adam Hugo says:

    The small guy no offence but when you are landing he cant be a comentator

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