Fishing Senkos For Largemouth Bass On Cape Cod

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I’ve been doing a lot of tropical saltwater fishing lately. During November I was definitely spoiled by mahi and other species down in Mexico.

Now I’m back on Cape Cod and winter is right on the horizon. Fortunately there are still plenty of amazing freshwater (and even some saltwater) fishing opportunities here on Cape during the winter!

For example the Cape has over 300 freshwater ponds, and many of these ponds contain largemouth bass. Some of these bass can reach 10 pounds, with many more smaller bass in abundance.

There’s a million different ways to catch largemouth bass on Cape Cod, but one of the most reliable is by fishing with the Gary Yamamoto “Senko” worm.

Time stamps:

0:25 – introduction to the lure, tackle, and rod and reel
2:10 – example of how to fish the Senko
3:43 – first largemouth bass of the trip
5:18 – second demonstration of how to fish the Senko
5:49 – second largemouth bass of the trip
6:40 – closing comments

Gear and equipment used in this video:

Yamamoto “Senkos”
Shimano Nasci 2500
Temple Fork Professional TFG PSS 662-1 rod
10 pound moss green Power Pro braid
10 pound Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon leader
GoPro Hero 4 (refurbished)
GoPro battery pack life extender
Flexible camera tripod attachment

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4 Responses

  1. Nice video man I truly enjoyed it! I also create fishing vids BTW 😁

  2. DC Bronzies says:

    Fantastic video my man! Keep up the grind with all the vids!

  3. Realwobbler says:

    Nice bass and beautiful spot! Yeah, the winter has arrived early on our site this year, we had even a bit of snow 😊

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