Fishing the Florida Everglades ft. SECRET How To Fishing Tips REVEALED!

In this Florida fishing video, we head to the Florida Everglades for some inshore fishing. Fishing with a professional tournament angler, Thadeus Ragan. He provides secret fishing tips and tricks I’ve never heard before! How to set the hook, hookset technique, how to cast a baitcaster, how to fish a worm and MORE! Watch this video and learn from an expert.⇊CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO & LINKS⇊

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Capt Thadeus Ragan- Offers FL largemouth bass fishing and peacock fishing!
One of the BEST in the Game! True professional!
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29 Responses

  1. Lot of fun watching this video and a few things I can now work on when I go out. The tape on the string, I think my wife will now be able to use my bait caster Thanks

  2. In a survival situation…can Brian eat pudding with a spork?

  3. Kip Kennedy says:

    Excellent baitcaster instructions. Thank you.

  4. Nice to see you guys doing some bass fishing! If you come down my way I would love to bass fish with you guys sometime! Great video!

  5. This one is a perfect 10

  6. Mac Townsend says:

    Darci, I've noticed the outboards on your boat and Thadeus' were covered during your trips. What's the reasoning? To prevent errant casts from dinging up the cowling? Curious. Thank you.

  7. Corey Stence says:

    I like your videos. I enjoy fishing a lot too. Trouble is I live in Pennsylvania where there are no oceans. Where do you guys fish in Florida? And I might move to Florida someday, where do you suggest I do my fishing? Just curious, thanks. Once again awesome videos.

  8. Looking Great Darci! Great Video and nice fish.

  9. He knows his bass!! BIG bass Ms.D. look fun.

  10. lespaul0009 says:

    Oh, i dont have my scale…how convenient 😀🎶😎

  11. lespaul0009 says:

    A 5 lber…u could put yore fist in their mouth w plenty of xcess room and u wouldnt be able to lift it near that ez…a,pro should know better…

  12. lespaul0009 says:

    Thats a 3.5 or 4….not a 5 lber…ive caught plenty of 3s,5s n pb of 12…

  13. lespaul0009 says:

    Great job at playin the geeks game on his boat as u show him how its done…what a moron

  14. lespaul0009 says:

    What a freakin geek w his ego…treatin darci like she was a 3rd grader…n schoolin him on his boat…point the rod…tape…what a load of crap…shut n fish bra…cause u gettin schooled bra 😀🎶

  15. Congratulations this place is amazing, you caught beautiful fish, I loved it.
    Hug!!! 👍🎣🐟😉

  16. Craig Halle says:

    I really enjoyed seeing Darcy learn about bass fishing. Incedible!!! I am not near the ocean so that's my style of fishing. Just wanted to let you know bait casting works best on big bass because the braided line doesn't stretch like mono so you get a better hook set and more fish in the boat. Some of the best reels let you adjust based on the lure weight so backlash is less likely. The Everglades and Lake Okeechobee are on my bucket list. Great job Darcy and Brian, too. Love you guys!

  17. Chacheea419 says:

    Mud fish are amazing! But we bleed them out. White, flaky, layer upon layer of good meat

  18. Awesome Bass trip!
    Looking amazing Darci!

  19. brett jones says:

    Fun vid! Thank you! Jonesy

  20. Roy Saxon says:

    Another great one Darcizzle bait casters takes a little practice to keep from back lash but nice Bass thanks again keep on caching 😁🙌

  21. Tommy Gunz says:

    They were some nice bass you hooked….I never ate fresh water fish you should have done a catch and cook ?

  22. cayogator says:

    Great vid…..95% of bassin I do in Central Fla is with a worm in the pads….gotta let em eat it for a second
    My Cajun cousins eat dem "choupiques" in a good tastin burger, he's right about the meat
    Very nice Caracal !

  23. That was an awesome video Darci!!!!!

  24. Dal Adams says:

    Good stuff ! Lots of info Thanks!

  25. John Veazey says:

    Awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥✌️👍👌🤙🤙

  26. Nice catch👍🏼👀Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

  27. Famo59 says:

    Thanks for sharing this Adventure.🎣

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