Fishing with GIANT Shiners for BIG FLORIDA BASS! – Shiner Fishing for Bass

We went fishing with GIANT shiners for BIG FLORIDA BASS! Shiner fishing for bass is such a fun time and really easy to get people involved in fishing! Fishing with golden shiners in Florida is a popular way to catch some Big Florida bass if not the biggest bass of your life. Fishing with shiners for bass is such an easy way to catch a ton of fish as well! I hope you enjoy the video of us fishing with live shiners and catching a bunch of Florida bass! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Thanks for Subbing brother! I returned the favor and I clicked the ALL bell. Great video

  2. 👍😁👍 Nice hogs!

  3. Dude that was sweet! I've seen this method catch some big bass. Enjoyed watching, tight lines!

  4. Comment below if you would like to see an instructional video on how to rig and fish shiners!

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