Flipping Big Florida Largemouth Bass with Professional Trevor Fitzgerald ( Fitzgerald Rods )

Flipping for Big Florida Largemouth Bass with professional bass fishing angler and Fitzgerald Rods founder, Trevor Fitzgerald. Trevor presented me with his newest rod, the Fitzgerald Rods Titan HD heavy flipping stick. It took a little while for us to get dialed in on the fish but once we figured out the bite, we hammered them.

Capt Shane’s Charter Information
http://www.floridaevergladesbassfishingadventures.com (charter information)


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23 Responses

  1. Hal copeland says:

    Awesome video! Flipping and pitching are my favorite ways of fishing too!!

  2. Hi- Brent from Louisiana here, we talked the other day- I absolutely love Fitzgerald Rods! I own 4 now and will be adding more! I can't decide between the 7'6"or the 7'8"? I'm 5'6" and haven't flipped enough to know what works the best? And are these rods somewhat light? Every flipping rod I putt in my hand seems so heavy? Any help would be appreciated Captain Shane!

  3. What kind of boat is that?

  4. Beautiful day catching!

  5. Nice Job Florida Boys!!!!

  6. Bunch of nice bass there Capt. Shane! Won't be long and I'll have to start doing some bass fishing! Awesome video man!

  7. BassGeek says:

    Some toads. Nice!

  8. jc basser says:

    Awesome video Shane and Trevor!!!! You know how much i wanted to be there cause i love to flip up big old swamp donkeys. I have been eyeing up the new titan flipping rod so now I have to order one!

  9. KAYAK FRANK says:

    Well that was a lotta fun Capt. Nice episode.

  10. GoneFishin says:

    WOW!! Awesome day with Captain Shane!!! Nice flipping and get those Biggies out the water…..nice…thanks

  11. heck yeah Capt Shane! pullin em outta that thick stuff! great video! thanks for the content!

  12. Paul Gargano says:

    man Shane…those are really nice fish.

  13. Flipping with Captain Shane!!! Awesome video partner

  14. len shannon says:

    Nice day of fishing there! I guess I'll have to put the whopper plopper down and try it.

  15. Karnage says:

    Great flipping video Capt! You should do a buzzbait video. It'd be freakin awesome

  16. I have a tournament up on the North end of Okeechobee soon, Have you been up there lately? If so, hows the fishing been and what have they been eating? Thanks!

  17. Awesome video Capt. Shane. You called it a slug fest. I'll call it a Slob-fest!! Great job as always.

  18. hey Shane! NEED another answer sir. I'll be in Orlando next week helping my childhood best buddy clean up some on his property. I want to freak him out. with it being the last week of September, can you suggest THE best lake to fish in a 25 mile radius there? he's always acting "the man" when I visit, I! want to tell him which lake we should go to get on 'em!!  (I won't tell him how I knew till he takes me to the airport) thanks, as always! (best patterns/lures as well? THANK YOU!)

  19. 💯💪👊LETS GO!!!

  20. Bri F says:

    Please tell me what kind of costas you are wearing Shane!!!!

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