Flipping & Frogging Heavy Cover In Canal For Spring Bass || 50 State Fishing Tour (Florida Day II)


Day two in Florida called for a little bass fishing. We weren’t able to hit Okeechobee because the wind was howlin, but I hope the footage of Uncle Jack’s trips will tie you guys over until I get back.
One more Florida video to go, and then you guys are comin along to Louisiana with James and I.

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3/17/19 – CADDO LAKE (LA)
3/18/19 – TBD (TX)
3/19/19 TBD (TX)
3/20/19 Conchas (NM)
3/21/19 TBD (AZ)
3/22/19 TBD (AZ)

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21 Responses

  1. Mike 1 says:

    What costas are you wearing

  2. Travis Woods says:

    Yo bro, Okeechobee native here and I got some holes that no matter the wind are fishable lol. Awesome video man, Lawson is the man

  3. Florida looks beautiful great video

  4. Just be glad this did’t happen to you in FL… https://youtu.be/6VrgQQdPC1Q

  5. Mobile God says:

    Flair fished hear

  6. Jeff Bray says:

    See the leak mystery has not been solved yet … You all need to get on that and make sure it is not worsening …

  7. B.J. Harris says:

    Bro another great day of fishing I cant wait till you come to alabama thats were I live I hope that you come close to were I live or something were I can maybe meet you cause your one of the most you tube channel I watch and would love to meet you bro thanks and appreciate all you do thanks again

  8. What do the red lips mean? Ive heard so many different reasons bass get red lips. From temp change in the water, to feeding on crawfish.

  9. BassGeek says:

    Even if you ain't fishing the O FL will produce.

  10. 3M 5200 marine sealant will also work great but it takes a few days a cure. So JB weld is your best bet

  11. JB weld will definitely fix your leak issue. Apply it to at the hole on the inside and out side of the boat. Let it dry over night and you will be fine. I have used it on my jon boat over the years it works great

  12. Another great one Matt! Nice to see you down my way. I fish tournament at Okeechobee and it is a challenge. Next time you are my way hit me up and we will tighten some lines. Look forward to the next one brother!

  13. That looks exactly like the canal billy gotta bass was fishing in his costa series tournament

  14. Bill Cotton says:

    Jack Hammer hookset!

  15. Get a, automatic binge pump.

  16. R we there…YET? Great job guys!

  17. Eroc Foreman says:

    Great vid … hey you been teasing that uncle Jack video for almost a year now lol .. great shot ..awesome fishing ..I'm watching all the way thru

  18. Come to cullman Alabama and fish Lake Catoma it would make a awesome video you would be pleased

  19. zach nixon says:

    Where in West Virginia are you fishing??

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