Last year around this time we went flipping and punching on Lake Rousseau with Glenn Browne to shoot an OG challenge fishing video. Of course the master of flipping beat me and Chris from 44 Tackle! So on my way back home I stopped at the bait shop and headed out to Lake Rousseau to pay homage to the master of punching who is sadly no longer with us with a good buddy and mentor of mine Sean Blucher. Sean is a big fish master himself and loves to flip and punch heavy cover as much as I do for bass! Sadly what we found is the FWC had done some environmental herbicide treatments and destroyed the bass ecosystem just as it was beginning to thrive.

What kind of baits , fishing rods, and line were we using?

Braided fishing line http://bit.ly/2MLQQq6

1.5 oz Tungsten weight http://bit.ly/2UNRO7g

Heavy cover straight shank flipping hook http://bit.ly/2FWb2CO

Popping frog http://bit.ly/2IFTCNo

Stinger Punch Bait http://bit.ly/2Gd3fzk

Beaver Bait http://bit.ly/2HXDAxF

Rod Powell Endurance 795 (Old school version not made anymore)

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23 Responses

  1. Another great video bud!

  2. One of your better videos

  3. Bassassin says:

    Why size rod do you use for punching…length-wise

  4. ItsAzazell says:

    Catch and cook some bluegills and let bog finally have at them! You know he’s been wondering how they taste after licking them so much 😂😂

  5. Jud Weaver says:

    44 Tackle is closed for a couple weeks due to water damage from a tank overflowing. Check their FB page for updates.

  6. Hey, glad to see you back in Florida. Great video. I stayed on Rousseau for the month of March last year, had an absolute blast. Keep up the great videos !

  7. Walt N says:

    "FWC nuking the place" That comment sums up what is happening all over Florida. Some spraying is needed but what the FWC and their incompetent private contractors are doing is excessive and ruining our fishing. We may have to leave Florida and join Mikey in Alabama where they know how to manage the fisheries if this continues.

  8. Keep pushing Mikey I love watching and learning from you.

  9. Love punching…hope to meet up on Guntersville soon….

  10. Always on em, nice vid Mikey

  11. Love these vids. Just goin fishin, having fun, dippin bogs.

  12. David Thomas says:

    What’s up with them spraying? What a awesome looking area! Nice job on a slow day👊🏻

  13. silly guy says:

    Dude, once all the boat ramps open back up in keystone heights after 30years you have to come through. I'd be willing to say that there's a record size fish in the Stone and Keystone once held the record for having the most lakes in the country.

  14. Jud Weaver says:

    Some spraying is absolutely necessary. I've seen lakes so overrun with water lettuce & hyacinths that you can't launch your boat & if you do manage to lfind a usable ramp, you can barely fish any areas die to inaccessibility. When I was a kid, Orange Lake was so overrun with non-native invasive hydrilla that the only way to get around was wide open. If you slowed down, your motor bogged down and then you could hardly troll around to fish. FWC does a good job at balancing keeping a lake usable & maintaining fish habitat. They go a little hard on the vegetation so they don't have to spray as often. There's a short bounce back period, but that's better than not being able to even run your boat on the water.

  15. Jon says:

    YES! A punching vid, my favorite.

  16. Mike what do you use to clean your electronics

  17. Tim Jolly says:

    Bog is like are y'all going to catch me a fish

  18. ragetail3 says:

    If you ever get a chance you should fish lake Jackson, its got some big fish

  19. Happy 2020 Mikey 👊 his luvly and this liking not handy fishing Bog 🐾

  20. Coy Dixon says:

    Bog Cool Down was hilarious

  21. Jim Clouser says:

    Great vid love your channel glad to see you back in Florida on my way to Central Florida now for 3 months dying to catch some Florida donkeys!

  22. albert smith says:

    Bro how long are you in town. My kid wanted to meet you.

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