Florida Bass Fishing Adventure

Jimmy and Bass Touring Pro and guide Ron Ryals are fishing at the famous Bienville Plantation in Florida. The bass on the bed are a difficult to catch. Jimmy and Ron try several baits. Be sure and catch the Houston Helpful hint at the end.

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16 Responses

  1. Nicholas says:

    Where are your Spinnerbaits sold? I haven't seen them anywhere & I've been looking! Does Bass Pro carry them? I'm in Naples Florida and it seems Spinnerbaits could be a great tool for me. A lot of weed & Lily Pad choked canals!

  2. Steve Hess says:

    Another exciting video Jimmy! You are a class act.

  3. Is it my computer or do you have a bad camera. Some of the video is clear, but then it changes to blurry.

  4. Wow, nice looking water!! Looks like yall had a blast. Man oh man how I love fishing on those cloudy days!! God is great and life is good tomorrow, praise His name!! God bless yall!!!!

  5. eric butler says:

    I wish I could fish with u I could show u want I have learned from watching u on tv I have learned a lot from u and I have used all tv shows

  6. Bobby Swain says:

    It doesnt get any better than that…….nice job guys

  7. Rick Martin says:

    love watching your subscribers growing Jimmy….always a great show

  8. jayhwk01 says:

    That first crappie on the legend spinner bait. Fantastic!! Hey youtube if I have to watch commercials can’t they at least be fishing commercials?!?!

  9. Oh boy you guys had a great time. Be safe going home

  10. greg szyszka says:

    to far north for peacocks?

  11. gord johnson says:

    Hey, leave those bass alone when they are reproducing. It should be ILLEGAL to bother them on their HORNYMOON !!!!

  12. Tony Lama says:

    Great video, Mr. Houston. Bienville is on my bucket list. One of these days, I'll do some shore fishing, or maybe hire a guide with a boat.

  13. eric w says:

    Always enjoy watching your shows. Got some Luck E Strike Ring worms. Love Fishing them.

  14. David Raines says:

    Those were some pretty fish Jimmy

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