Florida Bass Fishing in a Small Neighborhood Pond

In this video, I decided to go back to my childhood roots and do some bass fishing in small neighborhood ponds. This time of year, the largemouth bass around here in Tampa Bay, Florida are in “prespawn” as they get ready to move onto beds. This means they’re very aggressive which makes for some great fishing, especially in these residential drainage ponds. I used both topwater frogs and spinnerbaits to get these hungry fish to bite.

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19 Responses

  1. Fabian says:

    Watching this video was relaxing. Good job Brent.

  2. Awesome job bro I would love to see you do more videos like this 👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥

  3. Ray Glover says:

    Great video bud! Not sure about the "simplicity of bass fishing" if it were that "simple" I would think there would be more people on the pro bass tour Hank Cherry just made over 300 grand pretty good payday!

  4. I’m surprised they don’t bolt when they get released, all the other videos I’ve seen they do. You’ve tamed them haha

  5. Now what do you prefer? Salt or freshwater fishing?

  6. TrikeTon says:

    Glad you took my advice on going bass fishing rn 😂. They’re biting like crazy man, I’m telling ya

  7. If you ever wanna do some kayak bass fishing I have a secret honey hole that we’ve pulled dozens of 5+ lb bass from but you gotta keep it top secret 😉👌🏻

  8. 💯💪🏼🎣🔥 good to see you pop out with a bass video bro

  9. Ebert Brits says:

    One of my best friends lives in that neighborhood, its a good pond one of few i actually enjoy fishing

  10. Love Pond Hopping, did it as a kid on a bicycle, still do it ! Even broke my arm crashing on my bike trying to carry 2 poles and tackle ! At least the poles made it out in one piece !

  11. Jay Elmore says:

    Top water blow ups are the best, never know how big it is but hits like a 10 pounder every time

  12. Shviko says:

    great content keep it up dude

  13. Chanse Clark says:

    I never knew that pond held decent bass I’ve fished it couple times but only got little dink’s

  14. White Frogs work better C U

  15. Florida has the best fishing fresh or salt. Jealous from Ohio!

  16. Saltwater is king but it’s nice to get back to the simplicity of bass fishing now and then

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