Florida Freshwater Fishing for Largemouth Bass with Topwaters & Swimbaits

South Florida freshwater bass fishing in canals using topwater baits, Gambler EZ swimmers and shiners. ⇊ CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO & LINKS! ⇊

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3.25.17.changed thumb and title at noon


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33 Responses

  1. Wayne says:

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I came for the booty and you did too!

  2. Dave Erb says:

    The tire was funny darcie
    You need to use your star wars pole more often lol

  3. Try a buzz bait . They seem to always work for me . And a blue with red tail soft plastic worm .

  4. Leave the whole car on a cable as swing! Maybe it’ll fall on your head like that rim barely tied on.

  5. Jeff Belard says:

    Can u send me the address to this place? I love fishing but I never catch much.🙏🏼☹️

  6. That's just wrong, almost knocking her off the boat with the tire swing, lol, love your videos !!!!!

  7. Cole Smith says:

    Why does he talk so fast all the time????

  8. Tyler Tart says:

    Try a Black with Blue flake stick bait (senko)

  9. hope there's no fat girls swinging on that tire swing, the rim is going to cut the rope eventually 🙂

  10. mark pro says:

    Darcie that was nice of you to set Brian up with that rig! And no, here in Wisconsin we never leave the rim on!

  11. Brian you blew it if you hit Darcie with that swing & made her go swimming.. You Tube wouldn't be able to keep up hits..Your a good man & not sleeping in the Dog house alone, but I know we all visioned it..sorry D

  12. Have you guys tried any of the Daddy Mac lures big attraction at fishing expo's in NJ area going to try some for stripers.

  13. Brian is the best fisherman in the world (for today !) cizzle next time , get Brian to demonstrate the swing , then leave him hanging lol

  14. That is just like me and Austin he normally catches all the fish while I have nothing. the other day he caught 15 fish (12 Bass and 3 Crappie) I caught 6 (5 bass and 1 Crappie) then the next day he caught 2 bass.

  15. Adventure:30 says:

    Just here for the bAss

  16. wetotters says:

    Brian all I use is spinning reels. I am a firm believer that you can get a better hook set with spinning reels than baitcasters , and I have fished alot of bass tournaments. Darcie you will get them next time. Keep on fishing

  17. Dasdfjkl says:

    Brian regains the title of Worlds Greatest Fisherman. To be honest making a competition out of it ruins the fun of fishing.

  18. MAKE MY DAY says:

    The Mighty Zebco Scores…!! Have fun on the water..!

  19. HWwelds says:

    Don't tread on me! or Cizzle.
    I think the tire swing with the rim has the rim to add a risk factor for who will be on the swing when the rim cuts through the rope? 🙂

  20. I think cizzle let you beat her for a change lol.

  21. good going Brian trying to to knock her in the water with the tire swing.

  22. Brown Mark says:

    Sure wish I could make a living fishing all day. Oh well, too many yankees out there nowadays anyways.

  23. LOL, almost knocked her out of the boat! Talk about being put in the dog house, you would have been there for a month.

  24. Boys Rule and girls drool… !!!! 💪🏼

  25. KVD look out, you got some competition

  26. Chuck Mastin says:

    Great vid! Brian, you were laughing so hard at D dodging the tire/wheel swing, it made me LOL too! And you were slaying fish for a change too! D was happy for 'ya, but we can tell she's got that competitive spirit! C'mon D, B deserved a 'that's my man' & a peck on the cheek! Legit. All that time filming & editing, while you get the money shots. Lmbo! Just messin' with ya! ☮️

  27. john wilson says:

    way to go Brian outshine the star

  28. Don Szabo says:

    It is beautiful there in the evening on the water. Nice

  29. i love fishing but i never got to go

  30. Mark Polsky says:

    Damn Brian, your lucky the star didn't fall in!!! Tire swing tragedy! Ahahaha!

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