Florida Loxahatchee Preserve Bass Fishing. Flipping with Ricky & Capt Shane

Ricky Deboliac and I flipping out at Loxahatchee Preserve.http://www.floridaevergladesbassfishingadventures.com (charter information)


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39 Responses

  1. Dvj Luna says:

    6:08 I guess I am going to have to call you Captain of that BASS FLIGHT there…. you definitly gave that BASS its pilot's license there….

  2. KKP STEEL says:

    nice fishing video at 20 mile Bend. but you guys leave the big fish Out of Water too long as you talk not good for the fish.

  3. You two handle fish like 7 year old school girls. LMAO……..

  4. Dose Ricky have a channel too ?

  5. Nice video !!!  I subscribed.  Would be awesome if you would subscribe back.  Thanks

  6. I've been there twice and its BIG i like it caught a couple of bluegills and large mouth bass and i only live like 7-10 miles away and where i entered was through the top of it and SR 81

  7. Jet Lee says:

    Those bass hella dark..must be the water..

  8. mohawktr72 says:

    You have to come to upstate N.Y. for some spring smallie and Lgmouth fishing in May, my boat is open when your ready Capt. Shane

  9. Jay Santos says:

    Nice pitching video…did not see the "flipping" element.

  10. Love that flippin bite!!

  11. shoua xiong says:

    Nice catch guys…. 

  12. Damn those lucid grips are 60$, are they worth the price.

  13. Love this video…I've fished that preserve so many times. I shared it on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/BassFishingDepot    Hope that's ok. Thanks again.

  14. Hayden Jones says:

    I know this vid is old but why is the bass so black on there back

  15. Scott Dawson says:

    its somewhat irrelevant however, is blue lagoon freshwater?

  16. Scott Fetner says:

    Awesome action. You guys are the kings of south florida.

  17. spikeydewd01 says:

    In my opionion, you guys are setting the hook way too hard especially since you are fishing with braid because it has no stretch. Unless your drag is set fairly loose there is no need to set the hook that hard.

  18. Man we went on the Wisconsin river and the north woods and it was terrible this year. The water was super low and the water temp was too cold.

  19. Your handling habits disturb me…..The first fish landed was deprived of O2 for over a minute. Fighting a large fish is fun, and it can be exhausting for both the angler and especially the fish. Fish begin to asphyxiate when held out of water for as little as 30 seconds. When the gills are exposed to dry air, they become damaged, preventing the fish from recovering once released. How can you expect to catch large bass, If you kill the large ones that are most fecund and healthy? If you plan to fish and show thousands of people( who may be learning) fatal catch and release habits, there wont be any more fish to catch next time. The purpose of the "preserve" is to ensure that future generations can enjoy some flipping for big Largemouth Bass.

    Fisheries Ecology and Conservation
    UMass Amherst
    Campbell Morgan

  20. [Kinto] says:

    i want to fish here so bad

  21. Bass hole says:

    do you have to set the hook that hard to the point where you're ripping the fish out of the water?

  22. fishonfish1 says:

    What is your favorite lure you use to throw to shore not flipping?

  23. Jon Focker says:

    awesome channel, i feel like i am there. 

  24. Bryan Krug says:

    @Captain Shane Procell Shane why do you hold your rod to the side instead the middle?

  25. Derek K says:

    Flipping and pitching in some cover. Thats what its all about.

  26. Noah Boudart says:

    Nice video, nice fish!

  27. jacob98ify says:

    Look at the crocodile at 3:15

  28. enzo198323 says:

    Might you help me decide which is the best artificial bait to buy! and I can tell which is the best season for trout fishing .. I have understood that it is for May?

  29. Will Papp says:

    He flung the fish😂😂😂

  30. Alex Metz says:

    that man threw a choupic back! thats good eaten!!!

  31. WIFishingHD says:

    Check me out I'm a kid who just plain out likes fishing! I will have a giveaway soon!

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