Florida Peacock Bass Fishing feat. HOW TO Tips

HOW TO fish & catch Miami, Florida Peacock Bass, and some largemouth bass, in this bassfishing gopro video by female angler Darcizzle. Darcie gets the rundown by urban guide @Monster_Mike86 on Instagram while they fish local south Florida lakes using live shiners and MUSTAD hooks. Watch the action as she catches this aggressive species of bass, often in her BIKINI.

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37 Responses

  1. There’s fishing in this video

  2. 0786RICARDO says:

    Look, is an angel fish with a bonito fish 🤮

  3. Awesome! Im going to go after peacock bass for the first time this week in Delray Beach. Thanks for the great tips. You Rock!

  4. Maite Perez says:

    Like the fish😀😀😀😀😀

  5. Dave Erb says:

    Another great and exciting video darcie
    Just love seeing you enjoying what you love to do

  6. John S says:

    Hows the fishing in January around Naples

  7. joseph aguon says:

    Those peacock bass are so colorful awesome fishing Darcey with monster Mike 🙂

  8. interesting!! lots of fishes and all same in this small area of this lake. must be a fish farm , so no more special techniques required.

  9. Ford Raven says:

    Monster Mike sound so nervous besides you

  10. Ford Raven says:

    Both of you guys have some awesome Channel on YouTube

  11. Celi Price says:

    Next time you should have monster mike hit a back flip while hooking them up

  12. tom bob says:

    i love when ppl i both watch do colabs so sick n form a marketing view is the smartes way to get more view yr a genius girl

  13. Dana Terry says:

    My two favorite people to watch fish ! Good vid

  14. The strike is adorable Darzizzle, we get PB's the size of trucks here in Singapore.

  15. Vin Mar says:

    Mike, I seen you sneakin a few peeks. Can't blame you. Brain is blessed to have such a beautiful lady in his life. Rock on Darcie!

  16. Hello from texas…I will be vacationing in Miami this week is there any were I can fish for peacocks without a guide?

  17. Shakester71 says:

    I need to move my ass to Florida. Seems like you can cast a bait into a swimming pool and catch a 5lb bass.

  18. matthew mesa says:

    why when i use a free bail, they swallow the hook, i set the hook but the are swallowing the hooks?

  19. None Ya says:

    Best bikini ever. Cute

  20. ray bon says:

    Wish somebody makes a video on the ones you can keep.

  21. Dwayne says:

    very nice 👍 good job Mike way to go Darci

  22. Andrew N says:

    Are peacock bass common in South Florida or is this a specific stocked area?

  23. Rob Rivait says:

    Beautiful fish and a beautiful woman!

  24. Wow thats an interesting fish, havn't seen a peacock bass before. Beautiful!

  25. Peacock Bass are nice looking fish.

  26. Nice video i bet that was fun.

  27. whats the biggest fish you have ever caught

  28. I loved catching Peas when I lived in Miami, I've caught hundreds of them if not a couple thousand

  29. Reyes Oviedo says:

    that guy can really read those fish!

  30. TPHVICTIMS says:

    Darcy, I really believe those peacock bass are in fact Cichlids. I've studied ichthyology for quite a few years. and they are some incredible fish. check out Flower horns. that's just a small example of the species. I kept dwarf cichlids in my aquarium's for a while.🎣

  31. HxC Fragman says:

    If I lived in that complex, I would be out back wit a grill fishing everyday! lmfao

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