Florida Shiner Fishing with John Cox

In the offseaon John Cox takes advantage of catching big bass with live shiners around central Florida.

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13 Responses

  1. kidbowjb says:

    John what reel are u using

  2. Where you get those type bobbers

  3. Flo Rida says:

    Love watching Jon Cox…wish he had his own channel.

  4. I've been living in & fishing for bass, especially giant trophy bass here in central Florida, since 1969. Today, I fish now more than ever at the Stick Marsh/Farm 13 nearby my home. In the gnarly stump fields, eel grass & hydrilla, I much prefer to use 2 Lew's Super Duty baitcasters for large wild shiners, with two 7'6" flippin' sticks, and STRICTLY Berkley/Trilene Big Game mono in 25 lb test. YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED THIS SET-UP FOR THE GIANT BASS HERE IN THIS HEAVY COVER. Most of these monster bass of 8 to 14 lbs ( some even bigger ) here, WILL horse you down into the wood & wrap you up, regardless of line type or test. That's why I prefer the Lew's Super Duty baitcaster & flippin' stick to keep those giant bass UP & OUT of all the wood & thick grass. The Berkley Big Game 25 lb test mono is tough as nails, and IT FLOATS LONGER, keeping your line out of trouble longer, while soaking big shiners under a float. If your line SINKS across the water while waiting on the bite, all that line WILL already be down among all the stumps & laydowns…….thus the need for good heavy mono THAT FLOATS LONGER. Most Florida trophy bass guides use the same line for live wild shiners, for the very same reason. Trust me. I fish the large wild shiners here from mid November all the way through April. The rest of the year, I use only lures. After years of trial & error, the above twin set ups have served me the best for these demanding conditions. To date, I have four 12 lb bass, thirteen more bass that topped 10 lbs, several 9's, and I literally can't count the 7 & 8 lb'ers I've caught. I am truly BLESSED to live close to the Stick Marsh. I hardly fish for bass anywhere else…………no need to………LOL. Tight Lines.


  6. Where are you getting 10lb Black braid? I have been lo0king forever

  7. Bobby Swain says:

    Informative vid…are there issues with gut hooking fish with this technique?

  8. Huh, I didn't even see Ice.

  9. That was awesome next time I'm in Florida I'm trying this I've never used live bait before but catching a 10lber would be worth it

  10. Terzy says:

    Wow lol hes such a noob only noobs use shiners xD

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