Frog fishing for bullseye snakehead and largemouth bass in South Florida

Frog fishing for bullseye snakehead and largemouth bass in South Florida

Video of me frog fishing for bullseye snakehead (Channa marulius) and Florida largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides floridanus) in South Florida. Biggest bullseye snakehead in this video was over 33 inches long. In the end of the video I filmed a huge wild green iguana (Iguana iguana) that was very territorial and did not jump in the water like most green iguanas do. It is important to use the appropriate tackle when fishing for bullseye snakehead since they are strong fish and the big ones like to hide near structure and heavy aquatic vegetation. The lure I used was a Zoom Horny Toad with a weighted swimbait hook.


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8 Responses

  1. John Ames says:

    Great video my friend big like 👍

  2. Wes Lovelace says:

    Froggy came a courting and he did ride a Bullseye Snakehead and Big Mouth Bass by his side…. Gotta like that dark coloration from that Tannic water!!

  3. And I thought that 1st iguana was big….LOL That last one was nodding his heard like you don't want none of this…..
    I'm glad we don't have those snakeheads here but that look like some serious fun…. They all very dark I guess from the color of that water even that bass….. Nice catches and Stay At'um…..

  4. Man that gold cup came thru bro!! HK2 Productions and I’m Out!!! Lol

  5. Peeling Line says:

    Awesome video! You were really on those snake heads. You could tell the way that last one hit it was a different class than the others. Pretty good getting the fish after it got tangled in that tree. That was a pretty sweet looking iguana too. 👍

  6. Man you caught a lot of fish that day; mostly those snake head. We were talking to some friends yesterday that bought property in Montana. He says one of the things they do there to make the fish bite is spray their jigs and bait with WD 40. Have you ever heard of that?

  7. Hell yeah, check me out in north Florida

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