Giant Florida Everglades Largemouth Bass Secrets Revealed

In this episode I finally reveal the secrets to my Florida Everglades Big Largemouth Bass fishing success. My friend and client Gus seems to think I have gone bananas but there is no denying that this secret helps me catch giant Florida Everglades Largemouth Bass trip after trip.

On a serious note. We started the chilly morning throwing the Gamblers Lures Big EZ, which accounted for the two largest bass. The air temperature started to rise and so did the bass. We moved to the topwater baits like the Storm Chug Bug, Lucky Craft Gunner Bait and the Rapala Skitter Walk. It was an incredible day of fishing with a great friend Gus, Barry White on the radio and the stack of bananas i brought lol

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27 Responses

  1. Mike Sole says:

    Whatever works for ya, eat them bananas on the boat!! You ever throw a whopper plopper style bait in those glades canals?

  2. Hey Captain Shane, love your channel. Would you mind sharing which launch ramp you used for this video? I've just started fishing my boat in the everglades, had a great day along us27 but would like to try this more open stretch. thanks!

  3. 57 degrees is hardly cold. That's t- shirt and shorts weather.

  4. BassGeek says:

    I like bananas so i'm not scurd. lol

  5. Great video Shane! Ya'll tore em up! Lol! I always have Bananas on my boat! It's the secret for catching big fish! Tight lines my man!

  6. itumblers says:

    Love your videos!

  7. Paul Gargano says:

    The banana boat crushes em

  8. KAYAK FRANK says:

    Fun times out there Capt. 💯👍👊

  9. Well yesterday I was fishing down here and Florida my friend were catching giants while I only caught one dink guess I’m going to try the bananas for better luck

  10. len shannon says:

    Awesome video, but how could you miss with topwater action!

  11. Doug Oster says:

    If Capt. Shane says bananas help, I'm headed to the grocery store. Awesome video as always, best guide in FLA.

  12. Aj Lynn says:

    Nicely Done Capt Shane ~ Enjoyed it. I know some saltwater guys that would literally Shoot a guy who brings bananas on board ~ Also why did you switch to spinning gear for your topwater action ?

  13. Nooooooo Bananas!!!! Ahahahahaha!

  14. raWr Fishing says:

    bananas on the boat = bass bonanza

  15. Man I love to see you and Gus on a boat together….. lunkers and laughter pt.2 .. great video Cap. Shane

  16. Frost HVAC says:

    I've been catching lunkers like nothing with the shad baits recently, and it's been great. Good ol' Florida Bass!

  17. This shit is BANANAS 🍌

  18. Shane Temple says:

    I always liked taking bananas on outings. Good energy, potassium, and the wrapper is biodegradable.

  19. Another great video Capt. I'm so jonesing to get out there but the Doc says I have to wait. That launch looks real familiar. Keep up the good work.

  20. Dvj Luna says:

    Once again RIPPIN them big girls LIPS there!  Great vid and Gus is tha LADIES KILLER there!  And I am sure somewhere someone would want to pass legislation on a "Bananas On A Boat BAN"…   Because we now have video proof that BANANAS are the reason why so many LMB's are being caught!  LOL..

  21. 💯💪👊LET'S GO!!!i already know its gonna be an Awesome vid!💯TOP WATER IS LIFE!!!💯

  22. Do you hunt Shane? I'd love to see you take some land-based wild Florida game.

  23. GoneFishin says:

    I think bananas are bad if they attract gorillas…LOL….Nice day of fishing!! always awesome watching Captain Shane!

  24. Love your videos Shane. Glad to have a solid south Florida fisherman to watch on YouTube.

  25. Dick Hoskins says:

    Hawgs! Love top water! Awsome video always enjoy it

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