Girls Can Fish Too | Bass Fishing with Adelyn

I’m Bass fishing with Adelyn. She’s my daughter, and she wants everyone to know that “Girls can fish too!” I don’t get to take my kids fishing as much as I’d like. My guide service and other job related fishing activities keep me busy. But on this day, I got to spend the day on the Butler Chain of Lakes with my oldest child. She’s only 8, but she can definitely takeover a YouTube video…

We did a little shiner fishing for some Florida Largemouth Bass. We picked up some domestic shiners, and stayed out there until they were done biting. Hope you like the video…

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19 Responses

  1. Awesome video. Love your daughter's energy and excitement. I took my nephew and granddaughters out on Lake Underhill Sunday morning and they caught a lot of bass. I keep fish grips in the boat for my girls.

    The most bass I have caught in one day was 149 last spring at Stickmarsh. My buddy and I fished 12 hours, dawn to dusk.

  2. SLIMMYEEL says:

    🐟can’t wait for the trip

  3. That made me smile !!

  4. Kevin Wilson says:

    Great video. So easy to forget these times are the most important! Great job, Adelyn! 22 in a day is the most for me.

  5. 🐑🐠🐟🐑🐠🐟

  6. 🐟 Shes totally into it and that's awesome. Perfect father daughter date!

  7. Tony Prieto says:

    I wish I could’ve done that with my kids. Unfortunately my ex-wife made sure that didn’t happen.
    Keep up the awesome videos. Can’t wait to see the next one. Enjoy the miracle of being a father.

  8. allan archer says:

    great to see kids out fishing, as a grandfather the best days are my grand kids fishing with me. 102 is my best with bass was fishing in Big Cypress

  9. David Gale says:

    Awesome to see the kids gettin out fishin.. Keep up the great videos brother..

  10. 9 tiny bream in 1 day. 😒

  11. β€œPoor Jeff! So sad…”

  12. Thanks Ady. Now I'm a shiner. πŸ˜‚ Great video.

  13. Rock Nemo says:

    Very sweet little girl you have there, now you need to get her and Parker out there together, now that would be epic. C'mon Chuck you have to do it, cant wait to hear " I want to catch a 5 lber!"

  14. Awesome video. She has a great personality lol. She reminds me of my daughter. I need to take my kids out to do that. 32 is the most we have caught in a day.🐟

  15. Kd Cash says:

    Just wish your co-host had a bit more personality πŸ˜‚

    58 is the most I’ve caught – 🐟

    Keep up the great work, good luck on 10k!

  16. Really great video Chuck, she is a pistol. Enjoy them now because they grow up real quick.

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