He Called Me OUT! Jon Boat Vs Bass Boat Fishing Tournament On Grassy Florida Lake

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We’re getting down to the last few videos from my Florida trip, and you guys are definitely going to enjoy this one! Tyler Anderson happened to be bouncing around in Florida the same time I was, so he hit me up and wanted to get a little 1v1 tournament going. I happily accepted and we hit lake Garcia for part 1 of the series. It was pretty windy, neither of us had been out on the lake before, the ramp was absolutely packed but we both got on some fish and had a relatively decent day. Make sure you check out Tyler’s channel and his video from the day to see how he did (link is up above).

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48 Responses

  1. Jon S says:

    Only Tyler Moore I know is Mayer of Kokomo Indiana. 🤣🤣

  2. Mike M44 says:

    it is not the boat that maters, it is the guy in the boat.. I put my money on the guy in the jon boat.

  3. JCBassin says:

    If you live in your van. Where do you get mail and packages delivered to?

  4. Luxar Images says:

    what is the HP on that mercury? are you happy with it?

  5. A P says:

    Which model Jon boat is that? Do you have any recommendations for me. I would like to do exactly what you are doing. But I want it to be able to fit 2 or 3 people. With also having the ability to stand up like you are. Also did you put the carpet in yourself?

  6. Chuck Dean says:

    I'm Jon boat guy as well. 1442 with a 20 hp 4 stroke Yama. I live in coastal south Ga. If you ever want to come a fish some tidal water let me know. Keep ripping!

  7. Amanda Hager says:

    Bass boat bass boat

  8. Jon boat all day & i thought you was from California fishing at kaweah lake & lake success ??? My bad you look just like (fishing with fred)

  9. What kind of camera are you using.

  10. Josh Feister says:

    I hate the sound of braid so loud and caulk board sounding

  11. Bobby G says:

    Love all your videos. Living the life traveling around and fishing. What kind of DC reel were you using, been looking to pick one up for my new rig. Anywho, keep up the good work and stay safe!

  12. chad ivester says:

    I wanna say bass boat will win Becuse he can cover more water but I know the John boat will win

  13. Jon boat, only because you can go up shallower in the jon boat

  14. How many ft is your boat?

  15. I don’t care what anybody says SB has a great setup and doesn’t need no 60k boat to catch bass, an honest guy who just enjoys what he does even if he doesn’t have all the fancy perks.. one of my favorite youtubers by far

  16. Stewart says:

    Jon Boat is going to win.

  17. jay williams says:

    I'm going for the jon boat. Cause, I'm a broke @$$ dude looking to upgrade to a jon boat from my float tube. Kickin in these Colorado winds and ice water is getting old.

  18. Awesome if you make it up to Maryland area let me know. Got a nice 200 acre private lake we can take it on. What HP motor this jon boat have? Over powered or under powered for your taste?

  19. I think if you guys are staying in a small area you have a great chance at winning but if there are better fish that you cant get to and be back by the end time and he can because his boats faster then he would have a better chance of winning

  20. MrMarrok657 says:

    the boat doesn’t make the fisherman. hell my brother and i got a 13 footer aluminum, the hours of fun and fishing wouldn’t be any different than a $100,000 bass boat

  21. Many Man says:

    Do you use straight braid or do you tie a leader on

  22. Kyle Baker says:

    I love punching and flipping. You should try flipping way back in in it. put a bobber stopper or two under your weight, so when your pulling it through your bait will still stay straight. I like doing it with a screw lock to so your bait isn’t always getting pushed down

  23. Looks like a awesome lake. What jon boat model is that? I like how wide it is and what you have done to it

  24. The fish ain't worried about what your boat is like! Lol
    Another great video! Thanks for sharing! 🎣

  25. Love the set up with the van and boat. Can drive to any lake you want. True freedom. Do you live in the van full time?

  26. Alvin Wine says:

    Try a jerk bait you might call out some big ones.

  27. John boat because you can get into spots that he can't

  28. BassGeek says:

    Dude I was pulling for Sorry Tyler. lol

  29. Jeremy Eskew says:

    Banger brother can't wait for the next one thank you for all the great content

  30. Photos or videos or he didn’t really win!

  31. When are you going to Hawaii?

  32. I really hope you beat this guy!

  33. Gary Belmore says:

    Need junk them vicegrips when weighing the bass jaw bone Damage handle better care with game fish for the furture

  34. Awesome video bro. So cool you guys fished together!! Awesome challenge idea. I'm debating a upgraded boat when I get home

  35. In class at last block for a project I have due. Who cares about a project when SB has a new video posted

  36. Lake Garcia can be iffy, the downside is the damn air boats and trying to get away from them

  37. It's not the boat that catches fish it's the man running it. I have a few friends with some sweet boats and I out fish alot of them.

  38. Clooliss says:

    Jon boat win cuz smaller profile? Will edit at end of vid. edit* guess not. Lol def want to see the rematch!

  39. Bought a 16’ mod-v hull with a Yamaha 40hp on the back today. Can’t wait to get out and represent Plant City, Fl

  40. Jim O'Connor says:

    Looked like a fun day! Get out the 1-1.5oz tungsten and flip the heavy parts of the mats. That's where big mama lives! Maybe even add a punch skirt?

  41. My man yanking them straight out the water

  42. Computer Guy says:

    SB, I'm not far from you up in here in the Baltimore Metro Area. I'm a reservoir guy, which means no gas – 100% electric. Let's schedule a day for you to come up here and experience some of the most challenging fishing around. You in? Liberty Reservoir, MD – check it out. Let me know, bro…

  43. Awesome video bro I also watch Tyler's video he's an awesome guy

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